How to Use #Triberr – Best #Social Network for #Bloggers?

After publishing a post „Social Network Sites – Which One is The Best for Traffic?” I got a lot of questions in comments and via emails about Triberr.

People don’t know how to use this great tool (is it really only a tool or maybe it’s a social network?).

I fully understand them because in the past I also had a lot of problems to understand how Triberr works :)

I will not publish whole guide about Triberr – it’s impossible in one post.

In this post I’ll try to reveal four most important facts and tips about Triberr.

1)      What Triberr Is

2)      Most Important Triberr’s Settings

3)      How to Join New Tribe

4)      How to Approve Tribemates Posts

Triberr - a lot of followers

First of all – what Triberr is?

Triberr is a tool (from Dino Dogan and Dan Cristo) which allows you to boost your social network efforts, especially in Twitter.

You can join here a lot of Tribes – after it you can see on your wall (it’s called tribal stream) posts from your Tribemates. Topics of posts are automatically downloaded from blogs via their RSS.

And of course all tribemates of your tribe will see all your posts too…

If your post will be interesting, it will be tweeted for you by your tribemates. It is also expected from you to share all posts from your tribe…

Let’s suppose that you are in one Tribe with 20 tribemates. All of your tribemates have altogether about 100 000 followers on Twitter. Your post is very interesting so it was shared by all of your tribemates. So you got 20 tweets only from your tribemates. But it can be retweeted by their followers…

Of course not every post will be shared by everyone. On the other hand – you can join a lot of tribes…

Most important Triberr’s settings

There are 3 important settings before you can share your post(s) with others

  • Blog settings (you should set here address of your blog’s RSS)
  • Twitter settings (you will tweet your tribemates’ posts via this account)
  • Content settings (you can set here frequency with which you will share tribemates’ posts on Twitter)

triberr settings

How to Join New Tribe

To get most from Triberr you have to be a member of some tribes. How you can join new tribes?

If you want to join specific tribe, you can make it in three ways:

1)      You can join one tribe at the registration process (you can join only public’s tribes). At this moment my tribe “Blogger’s Tribe” is open to new members so you can choose it during registration

2)      You can ask the ruler of the tribe (if you know who is it) for invitation

3)      You can leave three comments on the tribe’s posts


This is the most common way to be invited to the tribe, so I’ll describe it in some more details below.

  • Login into Triberr
  • From Menu select “Tribes” and “Browse all Tribes”

select tribe

  • Select the category or categories you are interested in

select category

  • Click “Start connecting” button
  • Browse Tribes according to chosen categorie(s)

browse tribes

  • After finding proper tribe you can try to join it. You must leave at least three comments on the tribe’s posts (in this case you will be automatically recommend as a member of the tribe). Of course tribe rulers don’t accept all requests– it’s normal and you should be aware that you must be very patient, especially at the beginning… After accepting you by a tribe ruler you will get an email titled “A Call to Arms from /Ruler of the Tribe/”. In this email you can find a link to a page, where you can “Join The Tribe”. And that’s all, you are a member of a new tribe 😉


How to Approve Tribemates Posts

Now you are a member of some tribes. There is only one more thing you should do daily or weekly (I do it 3-5 times a week) – share posts of your tribemates. It’s not very complicated 😉

If you are logged into Triberr you must go to your Tribal stream – so choose  “Home” from menu.

There will be a list of posts you can share. If you want to share specific post with your Twitter followers, you should click on the orange button “Approve”.

approve post

After approving you will see something like that:

All approved posts will be tweeted for you automatically…

There is also one more tip – remember to share posts from your tribemates 😉

Other things about Triberr you can find on the internet. Fortunately there are some interesting and very helpful posts on this topic on in section tutorials.


And that’s all. Do you have any question about Triberr? And what is your experience with this tool? Or maybe you want to join my tribe? Please share all of your doubts, questions or experiences in comments below.


  1. says

    This is a very great explanation of what Triberr is. I knew about this but was not a member, perhaps I am missing out on something. Along with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, this seems like a must for anyone who wants traffic. Thank you for producing this brilliant post. It has me convinced.
    Shalu Sharma recommend you to read:Aryabhatta the Indian mathematicianMy Profile

  2. says

    I agree with Yeremi Chris, great job on this explanation and I think you know how much I love Triberr. It’s helped make Twitter my #1 source for referral traffic. It’s so much more powerful than most people realize so I do hope they’ll take advantage of what you’ve shared and join if they haven’t already. You’ll be missing out on a great platform.

    Adrienne recommend you to read:How to Build a Rock Star Brand Part 2My Profile

  3. Christine Brady says

    Hey Chris,

    Excellent post on Triberr!

    Triberr was recommended to me by a good social media friend and I think it’s one of the reasons I am really enjoying social media – believe it or not, Triberr actually helped me “get” social media!

    Great overview!

    Christine Brady recommend you to read:Subject Line Case Study [Part 3]My Profile

  4. says

    Hi Chris

    I’ve looked at Triberr a couple of times before and didn’t have a clue what I was doing. This has been a really useful insight into what it’s all about.

    What I do find difficult on there is searching for Tribes. I’ve tried plowing through them but there are so many that I just don’t think would be the right fit for me or them. I’ve done a bit of commenting on a couple of tribes but haven’t been successful as yet. So, I just left Triberr to one side.

    Maybe I will take another look.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tim Bonner recommend you to read:Crowdbooster Could Be Your Crystal BallMy Profile

  5. Caimin says

    Excellent post, Chris.

    I found Triberr confusing to start with but it’s almost tripled my traffic. I’d urge anyone still feeling confused about the platform to give it a try. Once you get used to it you’ll be able to get a lot of benefit without needing a huge time investment.

    The added bonus is getting to know some fascinating people through my tribes.
    Caimin recommend you to read:How to Use Content Curation as a Business ModelMy Profile

  6. Romy Singh says

    Hello Chirs,

    Thanks for the great explained post about how to get familiar with Triberr. I was using triberr for a while now but I always get confused in finding tribes and it annoys me very much. But I think everything comes with price tag so if I want to see the magic of triberr then I’ve to strike my head to find some perfect tribes because I think that’s the key of using triberr at its full potential.

    BTW, thanks for such well explained guide. :)
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  7. linda samith says

    Chris i never heard Triberr before but after reading your post i join instantly, hopefully it help me to get some traffic.

  8. Lee says

    Hi Christ I had never even heard of triberr. It looks amazing. I am definatly going to give it a go. This sounds an excellent way to get your posts much more exposure.

    So for that thanks lee
    Lee recommend you to read:Multi Pet InsuranceMy Profile

  9. alx says

    ahh, okay, so you don’t ‘write’ posts on triberr, you basically have your feed/blog set up and go from there. am i right? i ask because i’ve been trying to figure out where the heck do i go to post a new ‘post’. lol


  10. Joe Hart says

    Triberr is a great place to form a community,meet new people and promote your site in exciting ways..I’ve found to Triberr to be a great help for my blog promotion activities..The community is lively..One can easily build a good tribe or be part of one without much delay..Highly recommended.
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  11. says

    I was actually thinking about signing up with Triberr yesterday. But I had a difficult time understanding how it worked. I think after reading your post, I understand it a little.

    I guess the next best thing is just to jump in and do it. I will definitely be signing up this week and using this post as a guide of what to do.

    Susan Velez recommend you to read:Selling Sites – I Have Listed 4 Auctions This WeekMy Profile

  12. says

    Triberr seems great network to drive traffic from social media especially from Twitter. I’ve heard about triberr from this post and let me check and join.

  13. says

    Thanks for the detailed tutorial! I was lost and this gave me a better view about Triberr! I am looking forward to find lots of interesting bloggers.

  14. says

    This is a very great explanation of what Triberr is. I knew about this but was not a member, perhaps I am missing out on something. Along with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, this seems like a must for anyone who wants traffic. Thank you for producing this brilliant post. It has me convinced.

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