How to Increase Traffic to Your Website : 11 New and Old Effective Tips

I have always loved browsing and reading articles about how to increase traffic to my websites.

I think it’s the kind of content that is evergreen and it is worth to be read, in any case. Because you never know if you can find some real, new methods or resources to receive fresh new traffic to your blog.

I made a summary, below, of 11 new and old effective tips to get visits to your websites. There are some of the ways I use to get traffic to my blogs.


1. Create Quality Content for Your Audience

It ‘s always the same advice you read in this kind of articles : “Create Quality Content!”.

But try to dig a bit more.

Do you know your audience well? Do you talk with your readers?

If you achieve to understand correctly what your audience want, then you are right on your way to reach success.

This is also connected to become an authoritative blogger in your market.

What does it mean? For me, it means that every time you write a great post, it becomes viral.

Everything you say is true and your content is of value. Hence, people listen to what you say, and keep following you since the first time they know of your existence.

Do you have some favorite bloggers? What are these names? I ask you now to keep in mind for the comments. :-)

Here you find a list of amazing bloggers to follow.


2. Frequently Update the Content of Your Blog

Frequently update the content on your website encourages visitors to return. In addition, allows you to improve your ranking on search engines. Google likes fresh and new content.

Not only it improves the positioning, but also enhance the visibility of your blog.

How many posts do you write per week? 1,3, 5 or even everyday? Whatever is your answer, stick with your scheduling time.


3. Use the Right Keywords in Your Niche

What are the most typed keywords in your niche? Do you know if they have high or low competition?

Which SEO tool do you use to understand that? Chris wrote a very useful article about :

Market Samurai – Review of Great Tool for Online Marketers and SEO Specialists


4. Use the SEO Techniques

The SEO techniques improve your rankings in the search engines. Therefore, they increase traffic to your website.

For example, this post, which talks about how to increase traffic on a site, is designed to rank well for the keywords: “increase traffic” (and may be some more?).

I wrote an article about the SEO basic rules, you might want to read it.


5. Increase Your Link Popularity

If you create quality content with a great location on the search engines, your site’s popularity will grow. What does this mean? Many of your visitors will link your content on their sites.

You will have an increase in your link popularity. And the engines will reward you with a further increase of visibility in SERPs. Hence, you increase traffic to your blog.

This is also called “Link Bait“, that I believe is strictly connected to become an authoritative blogger, or having an authoritative website.

Small Business growth


6. Use Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools

They are indispensable tools for analyzing the statistics of your site and to correct errors on your pages. You should always analyze your traffic and discover what are the most visited pages on your blog.

This will help you understand what will be the subjects you need to write about in your next blog posts.

Ileane Smith wrote a recent article about “Getting Started with Google Analytics“, specifically for bloggers. There are some written content, a slideshare presentation and some useful videos. You may learn a lot from this material, like setting up your first URL goal – thank you, check where your readers go after visiting your blog or where they come from when they arrive to your pages.


7. Publish Case Studies

People love case studies! I like reading interesting case histories.

Did you achieved an important goal? So you should explain and publish how you reach that, with as many details, practical examples and screenshots as you can.

I have written some time ago an article about “How My Alexa Rank Went from 100K to 29K in 2 Months” . This post received great social signals and has more than 100 comments.

You should definitely use case study posts on your website to increase traffic!


8. Create Lists of Resources

This is may be time consuming, but it pays off when you receive many visits and many compliments from creating this kind of useful articles.

You can write about “CommentLuv enabled blogs” or “The Most Rated Blogs where you can Guest Post”.

People will bookmark your page and will share it with their friends.

This is among the most popular articles here at NoPassiveIncome blog : 9 Must Have Plugins for Your Blog


9. Create a Newsletter

A newsletter with quality content is effective to increase the traffic on your site.

Try to give some useful tips about something in your niche, like a great plugin, a fantastic new resource online, or some free guides written by your friends bloggers.

I used Aweber in past to manage my mailing list, now I discovered SendinBlue (they have a completely FREE plan with up to 9000 emails/monthly).


10. Leave Comments on blogs of Your Niche

This is one of the most effective tips to increase traffic to your blog : find the most authoritative blogs in your niche and leave meaningful comments there. Even better if they have CommentLuv enabled, the benefits are double.

Try to be the first one! Even if I know that this is not so easy.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality while commenting outside your blog. You do not have to always please the owner of the website. If you have something different to say, just write it!

You can be friendly and constructive at the same time while you write something that goes against the stream.


11. Use the Social Power!

Talk about your website in social networks. In order to increase the traffic on your site, each social network need to be exploited according to its characteristics.

I was going to write in details my knowledge and experience for each of the mayor social networks in this article, but I think it’s worth to write a brand new post (this will be my next one).

So I will talk about Facebook groups (some secrets here), Twitter most powerful tools (and sharing websites), Social Sharing sites, and some more useful resources.

Check the post about how to get traffic from Facebook here (a lot of Facebook groups and URLs mentioned!).


So stay tuned and please share your thoughts about this article writing a comment below! :-)

Can you also share some of your ways to get traffic?



    • Erik says

      Correct, Wilfred.
      Be sure to stick with these keywords, but not overload them in your content.
      Pay attention to readers first.
      Thanks for your feedback.

    • Erik says

      Great Kimsea.
      I am happy you found the article interesting!

      You should get CommentLuv before the payment method changes.
      Andy is planning to make it from one time payment to periodic fees.

      You should really get Premium CommentLuv now.

  1. says

    Very helpful article, Erik. I came across serveral of these tips before, especially the one about posting frequency but somehow I never found a “suitable” answer. It seems to be a very personal thing to decide upon. I stick to twice a week for the time being. If I do more I feel I’m loosing exposure for the previous post.

    I’m now off to Ileanes blog to read the Analytics article, but be sure I’ll be back 😉
    Robert recommend you to read:12 Things to Do after Writing a New Blog Post [Infographic]My Profile

    • Erik says

      So happy you found something to learn from here, Robert.

      It really depends on you the amount of time to post new content.
      Just be sure to stick and post new articles the same days of the week.

      Thanks for your feedback and be sure to come back soon! :-)

  2. says

    Great ideas to increase traffic. About the frequency of posting. I post about 2 times a week but I might reduce that to 1. I have observed that makes no diference as long as we keep promoting the older posts. On page SEO is important keeping in mind the keywords, tags, image tags, headings etc.
    Shalu Sharma recommend you to read:Why are Indian women beautiful?My Profile

    • Erik says

      Hi Shalu Sharma,
      glad to see you here. :-)

      I post once a week in this blog. I have found out it’s better to publish something is really worth it, then to add content just for having a new article.

      In my other main blog I use to post even everyday and I noticed only some rankings (as Alexa) are really influenced. In the long term it pays off to post just quality content.
      I publish twice a week there now.

      Thanks for your feedback here, really appreciated!

  3. says

    Nice and genuine tips to increase traffic.

    Hope am following the first half of the tips effectively, will try to follow the missed tips too.

    Yes, frequent update with quality content and promotion through honest ways would definitely improve the traffic of a blog and helps to gain new readers.

    Thanks for writing the useful stuffs for the bloggers, keep doing Erik sir!!!
    Nirmala recommend you to read:How Pinterest can be used by the bloggers?My Profile

    • Erik says

      Definetely, Ehsan.
      But it’s a traffic source that you need to work on for a long time and you have to be persistent.
      I must say that it pays off when you achieve to build a solid readers base! :-)
      Thanks for your comment here, Ehsan!

  4. says

    Fantastic post, Erik. I agree that publishing case studies is one of the very best ways to increase traffic and popularity. I started publishing case studies when I first relaunched my blog last year and it brought in a ton of traffic and followers very quickly. Thanks for sharing your insights with us.

    Ti Roberts recommend you to read:[VIDEO] TRTT Episode #7 – Should You Swap Guest Posting For Paid Advertising? (subscriber questions answered)My Profile

    • Erik says

      Hi Ti!
      It’s great you confirm my statement.
      Case studies are indeed a great way to give practical tips on how to emulate the success following the writer experience.
      Thanks for your comment, Ti, really appreciated! :-)

  5. says

    Hey, great summary!

    I just wonder about the newsletter issue.
    When we started our monthly newsletter campaign it gave immediate boost to our stats
    But at the same time some e-mail systems put our domain to balcklist.
    So we stopped this initiative pretty soon, however this was an opt-in/out option to every addressee on our list…

    I am not a technical person, so warmly welcome a short explanation on this point :)


    • Erik says

      Hi Ezter,
      I think it really depends on what service you are using to manage your mailing list and the content of your newsletter.
      Can you please give more details, so we can help you more?

    • Erik says

      Hi Lisa,
      great to see you here! :-)

      I think the correct number of posts published every week depends on each blog owner.

      Are you blogging full time?
      When you post new articles, do you have quality content that you feel will be useful for your readers?
      These are just a couple of questions you should ask yourself, in order to find the right scheduling time for your blog.

      I post once a week here on No Passive Income, so I can concentrate more on creating high quality information. And guest posting is just under invitation, so I am sure to have just bloggers I feel they can bring interesting articles. :-)

  6. says

    Hello Erik,

    I have read many articles on this topic, but your article has got some unique points which are new to me. Firs one is about the case study. That seems to be a very good idea to me. I will definitely give that a try in the near future when I achieve some goal.
    Commenting on other blogs is a really good way, and presently, that is my main source of traffic.
    Where I am not getting much success is on the social media sites.
    Thanks for sharing these points. :)
    Sourav recommend you to read:Content Curation – Why You Should Do It For Your Blog?My Profile

  7. pietersen says

    Thanks mate for covering all the aspects of SEO here.Really helpful notes these are amongst the best way to get good amount of inlinks and real organic traffic

    • says

      I agree, consistency is key when it comes to blogging. Writing only one post a week consistently is better than writing 3 posts one week, and none in the next. That way, as a visitor, I’d know when to expect articles to publish, I’d know when I should come back and expect new content.

      Inconsistent blogs are actually kind of annoying, in the sense that you may come back multiple times in hopes that something new was published, when nothing has.
      James McAllister recommend you to read:Help Start My Site – Changing Your Life Online!My Profile

  8. says

    Great article. It is packed with very useful information that I’m going to apply to my internet business. I have learned a lot here today. Thank you!

  9. says

    Another way to bring traffic to your site is by going to Yahoo Answers and signing up. There you can choose which topics to answer. At the bottom of the answer it will ask for a source for your answer. There you can put your URL. When you get about 200 points (you get points every time you answer) – your URL will be an actual link.
    Just be careful, when answering, don’t put your URL in every answer, that is like spamming to the community. I know, my account was banned for a while.
    Chavol recommend you to read:Internet Success – Does LUCK play a role?My Profile

    • says

      Thanks for mention that, Chavol.

      I have used Yahoo Answers a lot of time ago,and I must say there are still my answers there, with my link.

      Very powerful marketing weapon, if used the right way! :-)

  10. says

    I am always interested in finding out what I can do to drive more traffic to my site. I have implemented some of the techniques you mention, such as SEO and blog commenting.

    As for using social media, that is something I am still learning. I also have Google Analytics and Google Webmasters involved, but have to admit I really don’t know how to use them very well.

    I will check out that link getting started with Google Analytics to begin learning how to use it effectively. Thanks for the share.
    Susan Velez recommend you to read:How to Make Your Blog Popular?My Profile

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