Using Your Facebook Page to Address Negative Feedback and Comments

Every business, no matter how well it is doing from a revenue standpoint, and no matter how many people are fans of it, has a collection of people who are not really fans of the business.

Whether they are jilted customers, competitors, or people who are simply looking to cause a little bit of trouble in their free time, these individuals can cause trouble for your brand.

This post will share why and how you can leverage your Facebook page to address negative feedback and commentary, and ease the potential blow to your business of negative feedback in general.


Publicly Address the Issues of Many in One Fell Swoop

It’s a good idea to publicly address issues your customers face.

Aside from fringe cases, typically if one person is having an issue with your product or service, others might, too—this is an opportunity to address the potential issues of many in one fell swoop.

Additionally, customers will appreciate the speed with which you respond to negative feedback and prioritize resolution, and they will respect your honesty in front of the masses.


Have Your Fans and Positive Customers Help You

If a customer is saying they don’t like your product for some reason, enlist the customers who do like your product to post positive feedback to your site that nicely (and ideally truthfully) contradicts the issue.

Your fans will be supportive when you ask them to, and will appreciate that they can aid a company they like in sharing their own positive experience with your product or service.

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Get More “Likes” on Facebook—It Will Serve You Well

As stated in this article, asking your website audience to “like” you is a great way to get more Facebook “likes.”

Chances are good that if they like you enough to visit your website, not only will their support show by increasing your Facebook fan number (which looks good to doubters), but they might also support you with positive feedback that counteracts the impact of negative feedback.

Another great suggestion for getting “likes” is to advertise on Facebook. It’s relatively inexpensive, and a great and quick way to garner new fans.


Offer Free Product to Frustrated Customers

Offer to send your frustrated customer a new and updated version of the product to show your appreciation for their patronage—this will go a long way with both your customer and other Facebook fans, as well as other potential customers who see your page but are not yet fans.

All will see that customer service is of the utmost importance to you, even in times of customer frustration.


Be Nice

Being nice can take you a long way with your customers.

Everyone makes mistakes, and customers will be far more likely to respond positively to you, even in a negative situation, if you handle it nicely and with positivity.


Respond in a Timely Manner

For those who use your Facebook page as a customer service path, ensure that you are timely in your responses.

These customers will appreciate that, and may return the favor by encouraging a future frustrated customer back on track if a negative post appears on your Facebook page down the road.


In general, every business should have a Facebook page. Fans like to follow a business’s successes and support you when they can.

Those who “like” you feel a part of something when they get to share in the daily goings-on of your business.

Nurture this audience and pay attention to their feedback—respond in a timely manner to them, and some of them will likely return the favor by aiding you when other customers post negative feedback.

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  1. says

    to be honest, I often get bored with facebook. I’ve almost 1 year did not open my facebook account, but after studying numerous articles about good and bad facebook, I realized that I could take on the bright side, and I’m excited to keep in touch with friends on facebook, do with your article, that what the intent to take advantage of facebook as a means to introduce new products and also to provide feedback that is very effective. now I’d like to join the group-group that can give me the opportunity to introduce the product. thank you.
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  2. says

    Thanks for your feedback, Kurnia. I’m glad you haven’t given up on Facebook yet! :) It’s such a great tool for businesses both small and large. Good luck to you in your endeavors.

    • says

      Indeed it is, Andrew, on so many fronts. For addressing negative feedback and issues, but also for marketing your brand- its ability to allow you to get so specific in targeting your ideal demographic makes it phenomenal for driving revenue but also for getting more/new fans engaged in your brand. Thanks for your comment!

  3. says

    Facebook is the best social media platform to advertise your products. Of course, you can advertise your product for free by creating a facebook page that talks about your product. There comes a time when your customers will start complaining about your product. Because of customer complaints, sometimes in order to cool them down you must give them free products.
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    • says

      Hi, Wilfred- thanks so much for your comment. Interesting feedback about giving free product- this can definitely be a good tool for making a frustrated customer happier, and you are right- all brands wind up having frustrated customers at one point or another. Facebook is a great avenue through which to address that frustration, as where there is one who verbalizes the frustration, there may be others who aren’t verbalizing it who can gain from your response to the one who does.

  4. Sanjib Kumar Saha says

    Good article. Actually I use to get many negative feedbacks to my page and I get frustrated. I think these would have been from my competitors who do it out of jealous. Also many people have been reported my page and also got restricted from being published by Facebook.

    Your article now showed me a way and I think I should for your way to get a good brand and image among people through by Facebook Fan Page
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    • says

      Hi, Sanjib. That must have been very frustrating to feel you had competitors making negative comments on your page. Probably not an uncommon thing for brands to face! With the right messaging and level of engagement with your real customers on facebook (who will appreciate so much that you actually take the time to engage with them), you can probably easily overcome the negativity of those few ‘haters’ :)

  5. Cloud Server says

    That is a great point. Many people who hear the rumors can in fact be fans on your facebook page. By taking the situation and facing it head on I think is a great move.

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