New SEO Tools for You in Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics

Have you visited your Google webmaster tools and analytics lately? Some things there have recently changed to help you with your blog or website’s SEO.

As you read earlier here on this blog SEO helps customers come through your front door.

One of the newer things in Google Webmaster tools I have explored is the data highlighter in the search appearance.


Google Webmaster Tools

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Data Highlighter

This makes your data show in the rich snippets the way you want them to show up in search. Google can display your data more attractively to readers in new ways enhancing your results.

You can use these for articles, products, software applications, events and more. This is why product reviews are becoming more important for retailers or even for you if you are selling items on your blog or website.

This highlighter only works for pages that have been crawled by Google recently.  You can also organize your data via page sets.

If you make changes to your pages you can go back and delete them and add new ones once Google has crawled the pages.

You can watch the following video for more info:



If you site has been infected by malware (software that has been intended to damage or disable your computer via bad links, etc) you will know via Google Webmaster tools now.

Neat, isn’t it?


Author Stats

Now you can see how your posts are doing on Google. This data shows search statistics for pages for which you are the verified author.

It shows you the impressions and clicks for each of your posts. It also shows your average page’s position within the Google search.

I liked seeing the impressions for certain keywords, as well as which keywords are being looked for the most.


Google Analytics

Page Speed

This is new! I love how Google checks every page for speed and tells you how to improve the page speed for each of them.

This is easier than the old chrome extension for developers. I just deleted my extension to keep up my chrome browser’s speed running fast. (The extension used to slow it down to a crawl).

You can find this under Content near the bottom left of your Google Analytics page. I went right for the page suggestions which take a little time to upload.

I will say though some of the answers or suggestions they give are NOT all easy to follow. There are some you can easily understand – like optimizing images. Others are much more complex.

This is a great SEO tool overall.


Social Value

This SEO tool is fairly new at your Google analytics. I was surprised to see Twitter ranking way up there for my blog’s conversions.

People who visited my posts via Twitter. Stumble Upon still remains at the upper part as well and I don’t use it often anymore. Google+ is rising as well.

You can see where you may need to spend more time on which of the social sites with this SEO tool.


In-Page Analytics

This SEO tool is a must. It really gives you a clear indication of where people are looking and clicking on your blog or website.

Above the fold remains high for me. How about yours? If I look further I will see some click higher on posts below the fold.

Very interesting SEO data to digest.


There are many new tools in these FREE services that Google offers webmasters. I don’t like to post too many at a time for it can be quite overwhelming to many bloggers and webmasters including myself at times.

Learn a few new ones for this week and see how your blog or website can grow with some SEO love.


Have you explored these new SEO tools in your Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics for your blog or website? 

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    Yes I too saw this new tools just now after seeing your article. Hope these new tools will make us understand the value of our online and to work more on it. In fact the In page insight, Page Speed and social value are the best tools which would really help us to make our blogs valued.

    Thanks for sharing :)
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    These two tools are amazing in web world for every entrepreneur because these are the tools from where you can know each and every thing about your site.

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    Hello Lisa,
    Your update is amazing. your article so nice. i thing it shall be very useable.
    i think SEO is an important task for all the online business provider .every person aware for.

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    Hi Lisa Buben

    Its really an informative article for a details about webmaster tools as well analytics.
    I really like Author stats in webmaster tools and Social Value and In-Page analytics in google analytics.

    In-Page analytics for my websites is showing a blank page, is there any changes in code or any step to get in-page analyitcs to appear, Please guide

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