4 Ways to Get Traffic from Google Images

Sure, a properly written article with targeted keywords in strategic places can help you rank in search engine results pages (SERPs).

But do you know that your website’s content should not only consist of text. It must also contain pictures for more appeal.

Then again, this is not the only purpose of placing photos. You can increase the likelihood of driving traffic to your site through these.

“How”, you may ask. The answer is simple—optimise them for Google Images. This way, you can rank for related queries.

google images

So how does it work? Check out these ideas.


1. Place keywords


Like on-page optimisation, you need to place the right terms in the following:

  • Filename – You cannot expect the spiders to spot your content if its name consists of digits and/or alphabet letters such as DG1234.jpg. Generally, the users look for info by typing in a word or phrase in the search box. You are more likely to rank in the top rows (given that Google shows one page for the results) by creating a filename such as google-image-search.jpg or seo-tips.jpg.
  •  Alt attribute – The main reason you require an alternative text is to help the spiders with easy indexing and crawling of relevant words, especially since they cannot detect image content. When you place keywords or key phrases (with each word separated by a dash), you have a greater likelihood of ranking high in the results.

On the other hand, it allows you to provide people with visual impairment a chance to understand your content. How? The screen reader (software application) interprets the information you added to the photos.

  • Description – While your pictures get along just fine without this, the users will have more idea what your content offers if you come up with a brief and illustrative phrase.


2. Use JPG as filename extension


According to an optimisation website that experimented on various extensions, JPG images performed well in SERPs. Additionally, the administrators stated that this outcome was maybe because you can compress the photos to lessen page load time and that JPG is readable by all browsers.

The site owner also suggested that you stick with 1-60 kilobyte since anything beyond this tended to slow down the page’s loading speed.


3. Publish unique, fresh, and high-quality pictures


Doesn’t this tip say enough already?

Well, let me elaborate its importance. By adding your content with such images, your webpage looks different from the billions of other pages online.

So can you be original?

Simple, choose those which you have taken or created yourself. You can get ideas from your Pinterest account or you can use Photoshop. However, you have to remember that this strategy is mostly applicable if you are blogging.

If you have an e-commerce website, you can take pictures of your products or you can hire a professional photographer to provide you with high-quality shots.

As a bonus method, you can use Google Trends to find out which photos rank well in search results.


4. Upload several images


I’m guessing you re-read this statement, right? And you are probably thinking that I might be wrong.

However, I am not.

Remember the SEO site I was telling you a while ago, its team also discovered that a page with plenty of photos performed better in SERPs compared to those with one or two. So, it goes to show that more is preferable.

As a note though, you must ensure that you follow the first three tips to boost the likelihood of ranking. What is more, take advantage of lazy load or super cache if you use WordPress as your blogging platform.


Final Insights

What do you think? Are these tactics easy?

Now, you have to know that these are not the only things you can do to generate traffic through Google Images. If you ideas apart from the ones I have given, feel free to share it with us.








    • Emma says

      That’s great to know Paul. Google Images can help boost our traffic too. Thanks for sharing your experience and own tips with us. :)

  1. says

    Hi Emma,
    I must say that your post is really very unique and important to know. I like the tips that you have provided here, specially the fourth point of uploading several images. Well, I think that uploading an appropriate image adds value to your site and also attracts a lot of visitors to it. But images must be prominent enough and should also be relevant. Thanks for the share!!

    • Emma says

      Thanks for appreciating my post, Chris. Yes, I place a single image too. But most of the times, I can’t resist putting several. 😀

  2. says

    HI Emma thanks for sharing the tips to get traffic from Google Image Search.
    In order to optimiza an image for search engine we need to takecare of the wording we are using just above the image (1-2 lines just above the image).

    • Emma says

      Yes, Google Images can help improve our site traffic. Thank you for the appreciation, Lisa, and thanks for letting us know about your experience. 😉

      Anyway, thanks for sharing your insight. 😉

    • Emma says

      Well, it really helps to read articles on the Web, right? Doing so keeps us informed of the latest news or strategies. :)

  3. Francis says

    Thanks for sharing. It really helped. My site presently comprises more of images that are not originally mine. I will focus more on creating my images……….

  4. says

    Hi Emma,

    Great to see you here today and enjoyed the post. I also didn’t know about the jpg image. Some of the ones I use are png images. I do name them though, I learned that some time back and for the most part am following the rest of what you suggested. Wish I could make more of my own photos though. I do share a few when they apply.

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    • Emma says

      Hi Adrienne, Good day. I also didn’t know about this at first. As for creating filenames, it’s better to see images with descriptive names rather than a set of numbers. We can use our own photos and edit them using Photoshop and other tools.

    • Emma says

      Hello Ehsan,
      Yes, many expert webmasters say that JPG images are more preferable these days. Thanks for sharing your comment. Have a wonderful day. 😉

  5. Oliver Tausend says

    Hi Emma,

    these are definitely easy methods to use photos to generate traffic. And I second you on using our own photos. 90 % of the photos on my blog are my property which means that I don’t have any copyright issues. And this is important, is it not ?

    Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Take care

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    • Emma says

      Hello Oliver,

      Yes, it is very important to use your own images. If you want to use copyrighted photos, you must not forget to give credits to the owner.

      And you are correct; optimising your site’s images is not difficult at all.

      Thanks for your comment. 😉

  6. Warren says

    Hey Emma, good to see you posting over here!

    I didn’t know the jpg trick either and usually save stuff for web in .png so I’ll have to definitely rethink that.

    I did a quick look at my analytics to where Google Images ranks in my traffic provider since I always use high quality images, and they are 29th which is actually not bad.

    Thanks for the tips!
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    • Emma says

      Hi Warren, thanks for the appreciation! And you did the right thing in checking your analytics data to measure the traffic coming from Google Images. By doing this, you can gauge the effectiveness of your strategies. 😉

  7. linda smith says

    Hi Emma, i never thought Google Images can increase our site traffic. Thanks for your informative post.

  8. Nizam says

    Well, keywords should be effectively used in all possible places (titles, alt tags and description) for better SEO results and no doubt images/visuals draws the attention of the readers and thereby increasing the traffic to the blog/site. Thanks Emma for this wonderful and informative post :)
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  9. Felicia says

    Hi Emma,
    This is certainly a helpful tip. Actually, I never really thought of it that way. Then again it makes perfect sense. I usually name the title of my images with acronyms and not with search-related keywords. After reading your post, I think I will be changing all that. Thanks.
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  10. babita says

    It’s a great article Emma. I was searching for such a descriptive and informative article. But one more thing I want to ask. I am using all the tips you have given in this article on my image related blog but still not getting much traffic. How much time does search engine take to get index an image?
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  11. says

    Hi Paul thanks for sharing this great info on traffic for images, we can use all the info we can get.

    Thanks Again,

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