10 Tips to Beat Google Panda and Google Penguin Update

Search engines make changes in their algorithms on a regular basis to make search results more useful for their users. These changes upgrade and downgrade certain sites’ ranks on the web. Google Penguin and ‘Google Panda’ recently made changes in these algorithms. The purpose of these updates is to get rid of both the scammers and scrappers. The changes made by these algorithms are numbered in thousands consequently changing ‘indexed page directory’. This either upgraded or downgraded many websites. However, these can be countered by following the given tips.

SEO and Google updates

1. Avoid Backlinks Spamming

Getting back links is a preferred way of improving ranks but if done excessively it can also cause harm to your site ranking. Too many links and in unnatural ways could be damaging. Try maintaining incoming links from source sites on a daily basis.

2. Do Content Marketing using Social Media

Content marketing is a good way to help you bet the hype of these scary algorithmic updates.  Even though there is nothing permanent in the SEO but still content marketing is. It is not some rocket science; you simply have to give your visitors the best quality content and you would instantly register yourself in their good books. They will surely then bookmark, perform the call-to-action and will be responsive to follow you on social media.

3. Build Domain Authority

You can surely proceed further by effectively building your domain or brand. You must make high quality postings to build your brand name. In this way you can build your authority as a brand and your reputation as an intelligent author would emerge. However, this is not something that will happen overnight but a consistent effort would be required.

4. Enhance User Experience

This is generally a great way to boost your website’s reputation. Think critically while designing your site’s user interface. You must give your users reasons to stay online and acquire the wealth of valuable information. The user experience enhancement is something that would always pay regardless of the changes Google makes in its search algorithms.

5. Keep Track Of Backlinks

Negative SEO is an aspect which needs to be considered if you are an authority brand on the internet. But remember, negative SEO requires a whole lot more effort so relax if you are not a giant in your niche. In case you are an authority site and someone tries to counteract via negative SEO. Just remember that Google keeps a track on the linking production pattern. A better ratio of legitimate links as compared to negative SEO impact would still not let your site get affected.

6. Be Active On Social Media

Be active on the social media even more. It is estimated that links value of social media has increased over 25%. This is because search engines know that social media accounts are operated by genuine people mostly, so give more importance to them.

7. Anchor Text Variation is Must Now

Make sure that your anchor text flow is perfectly natural. Strategy of adopting the long tail is better as compared to short tail adaptation. Use of simple yet powerful generic words e.g. “Click Here” is preferable. Using anchor names same as the website’s name is also a good practice, however these names must be relevant to the source they are pointing to.

8. Importance of On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is still preferred by Google, so you should not opt for negating on-page SEO altogether. However, improper usage of on-page SEO can also be detrimental to site’s health, e.g. incorrectly using header tags in the content.

9. Getting rid of Panda and Penguin phobia

Just mind the fact that most of the information on countering panda and penguin you read on web is just speculations and assumptions. Stick to the basics, by providing your readers with best quality content and becoming an authority in your niche.

10. Avoid Article Marketing…. Google Don’t Love Them Anymore

You must remove links acquired from the article marketing sites. These are considered as unnatural links and are thus damaging.


  1. says

    Hello Anup,
    These tips that you have shared are just awesome. It would surely be a great help to us. I feel all webmaster do look around for these tips in order to save their websites from the harmful sights of Panda and Penguin. Following these guidelines as you have suggested would definitely help a lot. I specially like the second point of doing content marketing using social media. I have done that and its really very effective. Thanks for the share!!

  2. katherin says

    Excellent tips to beat google updates..
    Each and every points are important to overcome the google updates..thanks for sharing an useful post..

  3. says

    Wow – yes, I could not agree more with your approach. These points are surely the way of the future and probably the way it was always meant to be.

    Particularly like #9 – “Panda and Penguin phobia”. I have had two of my websites (that I make a living from for many years) Panda and Penguined to near death. I have tried everything others recommend to recover but I now believe I just need to focus on the one thing that really makes a difference – people or as you put it in #4 “Enhance User Experience”.

    Cheers for the post! Quinn

    • Anup Kayastha says

      Thanks for the comment! There’s still many people who just try to calibrate their site with the algorithm that search engines like Google make. Indeed, its very importand focus at one point what your site is created for. :)

    • Anup Kayastha says

      Right Andrew, Google is most advanced search engine yet and prefered by almost all people who uses the internet. And they’re just making users easier get what exactly they’re looking for, but for us its making harder to rank our site.

      Thanks for the comment Andrew!

  4. JamesW says

    Great blog post Anup, all these updates are making people crazy. And I like that you mentioned to be active on social media sites. Since I’m very loyal reader of nopassiveincome i will reveal this to you guys.

    How to beat panda and penguin!

    Recently Just by using pinterest alone, I have managed to rank on Google from nowhere to page 12 in 3 days, and it’s getting better. Just pin your posts with the keywords you want to rank for.

    I hope that this tip will help you, try it out, you will be amazed :)
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  5. Linda says

    Good one , these are really great tips to overcome the Google updates.
    change is one thing which cannot be changed but we can overcome those problem if we get some useful information and tips like this , really an incredible share.
    Thanks a lot for sharing :)

  6. Felicia says

    Hi Anup,
    These are certainly very helpful tips on getting the Google update phobia off our minds. These days, aside from commenting on sites, I do guest posting so that I can get good backlinks instead of doing it in the unnatural process. In addition, since I do guest posting, I no longer submit articles to article marketing sites just to get some backlinks from there. The truth is I didn’t know that Google doesn’t love them anymore until I read it here.
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  7. Smartkathy says

    Hey Anup I read everything except your 10th point. I also agree with you. Article post is just a duplicate content marketing issue. So it should be avoided. Quality and smart work like guest post, blog post etc we can do. For content marketing we can also do content diversity. Apart from text we can use videos, images, infographics, PPT etc. This will be very effective for traffic as well as high ranking.

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