10 Crucial Tips How to Prepare Viral Post

Everyone wants to make killer content. Even if you don’t realize that you need it – for traffic, for social proof and for your own satisfaction.

In this post I’ll not teach you that your post must be great, ready for social sharing, keyword optimized and helpful for readers. It’s a must (you know it, am I right?).

I’ll reveal you some tips and tricks which best of famous bloggers do to make their posts viral.

And viral for me means that your post will be linked, shared, twitted and liked.

Viral post

How to Make Viral Post


1.     Forget about Topic

Yes, you read it correctly. In most cases topic of your post doesn’t matter. Everyone is researching web to try finding great topic(s). A lot of people are monitoring Google Alerts, other blogs, portals and newsletters. But in most cases it doesn’t work… Of course if your blog is about blogging, your viral post must be also about blogging. On the other hands – old topics don’t go viral…


2.     Make Your Post as a Top List

People like to read (and share) lists. I’m almost sure that for most of you Top XX list is the best post to read. And remember that “Top 10” list is the best list (better than Top 1, Top 3, Top 5, Top 7, Top 20, Top 50, even Top 100). You can read more about lists in this guest post: 10 Blogging Tips for an Irresistible List Post written by Erik Emanuelli


3.     Prepare How To…

Another great type of post which has a lot of chances to goes viral is a tutorial. Of course title of the tutorial may not begin with “How to”, but people like it and search for “How tos“ in search engines… Some examples of it you can find below


4.     Make Interviews


Interviews are also very good candidates for viral marketing. But you must interview someone very popular in your niche. Publish on your blog real interview with Darren Rowse or Daniel Scocco. You will see viral nature of such posts…


5.     Make a Contest on Your Blog

Competition is great :) If you want to have great and compelling contest – invest some money into it. I know that it costs a lot, but try to connect with some other bloggers – maybe they want to sponsor some of your awards?



6.     Put some Life into Your Post

You can make it by adding some videos, pictures, infographics, memes and graphics to your post. So forget about text alone. If you want more tips in this area, please read “How To Attract Your Blog Posts – 20 Tips for Normal People



7.     Make Controversial Title


It’s one of the most important things in going viral. Of course your post must be related with your headline. Remember that poor title may ruin your great post…

Please look at following titles:

Google sucks

Matt Cutts reveals secrets about Google

I’m the Best Blogger of the Year

Devil’s Guide to Online Marketing


Do you like it? Would you click it to see what’s inside?


8.     Length of Your Post Matters

It’s very individual. Sometimes very long post goes viral, sometimes not. I saw some posts which length was about 100 words. And they got thousands of likes, tweets and shares. So my proposition to you is – test it. You must try writing posts with different length. And you will see what works for you…


9.     Who is Behind the Blog…

Okay. Probably you make a lot of proposed things from this list. And nothing happened. Why? Because you aren’t famous blogger and your network is too small…

Yes, unfortunately it’s a true. Till you aren’t blogger from A-list, your best post has very little chance to goes viral… So if you want to have viral post – write guest post with killer content for blogs like ProBlogger, CopyBlogger or DailyBlogTips. They have big and fanatic audience.

Believe me; Author name matters and is one of the most important things…


10.Promote Your Post Like a Crazy…

This tip is in case you don’t want to write for someone else (but even in guest blogging it also helps). So you must promote your post as a crazy. That means;

  • ask your readers and followers to link to it
  • make a lot comments on other blogs (with backlinks to your post)
  • link to your post on your Facebook page, Pinterest, LinkedIn profile, Twitter and other social networks

If you want more ways how to promote your post, you may be interested in reading following tips:

How to Promote Your Blog

35+ Traffic and SEO Tips & Articles from Bloggers


Bonus tip – Don’t Give Up!


Even best post on the best blog may not go viral. It is normal that planned link baits will not work 😉 But you must try. Prepare one, two, ten and even 20 great and killer posts. Maybe one of them will get thousands of links and shares 😉

And what are your tips? Do you have recipe for viral post? Please share your experience and knowledge with us in the comments below. And of course share this post with others  😉



  1. Mairaj Pirzada says

    OH! What a post by Chris (guru of blogging preferably).. Really, awesome tips for me.. As, am just a blogger started blog two months back, now currently want to fill it with some Awesome content and will do guest posting on TOP blogs preferably.. Not planning for small blogs, and will do my best efforts to get reputation online.

    Thank You for your awesome post, shared that on FB as that’s really what I wanted to read.
    Mairaj Pirzada recommend you to read:50 People that Bloggers Should Follow on TwitterMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Mairaj, thanks for stopping by.
      I see some sarcasm in your comment 😉 I don’t know why… My tips are about “going viral”, not about creating content for blog. Of course we should start writing content for own blog and writing guest posts for smaller blogs. But IMHO you wouldn’t get thousands (or even hundreds) of backlinks, tweets or likes on relatively new blog. But maybe I’m wrong and you can :)

    • says

      Hi Tom,
      great that you like it. Current topics are always “hot” – so I agree with you that they are great candidates for “viral posts”.
      And thanks for stopping by.

  2. Joe Boyle says

    I’m a bit concerned – there is no mention of the imporance of quality. But then again, we really do live in a world where the quality of the content is nowhere near as important as the wow-factor – take a look at commercials.

    With that thought aside, going viral isn’t as easy as anybody could ever think it is. It requires a great mix of promotion, relationships, and [although I’m afraid to say it], luck.

    Nonetheless, great article – keep up the good work Chris :)
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  3. says

    Hi Chris…
    Thanks for the Tips bro…..I agree with all your points but there is one point missing..
    that is
    LUCK – yes it is true….when I started blogging, I write an article about beer and at that time i use to get 20-30 visit per day but for that post i got 3500 visit in a single day……
    I didn’t plan anything for that….. this was just content, title and my luck.
    sandeep kumar recommend you to read:Problogger Dream – Chat with S Pradeep Kumar from HellBoundBloggersMy Profile

  4. Christine Brady says

    Hi Chris,

    As the majority pointed out the controversial title, I will too.

    I love the idea of a title so crazy and alluring that it compels people to click on the post, just to see what it’s all about. I just have never been able to publish one myself. I read and enjoy other, really unorthodox posts, but on my own, I always stick with the tried and true ones!

    Need to give it a try – because as you pointed out, never give up!


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  5. says

    Hi Chris

    There’s no way around it, if you want your posts to go viral, promotion for most of us at least, is the name of the game.

    Even with a controversial title you may not get noticed. I agree though you have more chance of doing so.

    You need to have some substance behind the title though. If you write a really eye-catching title and then your post is just dull then no-one’s going to come back and read any more of your posts are they?

    Thanks for sharing.

    Tim Bonner recommend you to read:iPhone Apps For Internet MarketingMy Profile

  6. Albert Nelson says

    Hi Chris,
    Great tips! By reading your article i get a clear concept for making a viral post. Thanks Chris, for sharing it with us.

    • says

      Hi Simmeon, on this blog I didn’t try it yet. But I have some posts on Polish market with strange and interesting title. For one of them I got about 2,5k visits in 3 days only from wykop.pl (it something like digg.com or reddit) but those visits where very short (~5seconds) and bounce rate was about 95%…

  7. Raaj Trambadia says

    Hey Chris. Okay, here’s a quick question – There was a guy who research about a week for a single blog post, and then wrote a great one actually. But he needed about 2500 words to say what he wanted to, which was not as appreciated by his readers and commentators as he expected. He expected the post to go viral and be the highest commented post on the blog, but just got a mere number of comments on it.

    Do you think the guy should regret? (I don’t think so, in my opinion).
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  8. Felicia says

    Hi Chris,
    I’ve been blogging for several years now and I’ve never actually had a post that went viral. I’ve always wanted some of my posts to at least do that by making them more engaging. Probably, the reason why I failed is that I didn’t try hard enough as I was putting more emphasis on the main structure and content of the post. After reading your post however, I learned that there are a lot more things to consider in making your post go viral. Thanks.
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