Getting Rich Quickly – Forget About It!

Building an internet business and having exponential growth is a great and inspiring process which most people just don’t understand when building an internet business online. Creating an internet business is not easy, but it is about learning what your audience wants, writing excellent quality posts and fine tuning your blog for maximum profits.

Get Rich Quick

The Traditional Get Rich Idea

Traditionally we are taught to take a certain amount of money out of our paychecks every month and slowly after years of discipline and saving when we are old we can be wealthy and enjoy the luxuries.

The Hope and Pray I Get Rich Method

After saving each month my 10% and investing it in various stocks after 25-30 years I should have well over a million dollars, well at least that’s what everyone wants you to think and here is why!

  1. No one wants you to be different. Remember back in high school and you tried something new or wore the wrong clothes? Everyone poked fun at you, because you weren’t fitting in. The same reasoning is found today financially.
  2. Everyone wants you to work long hours 5-6 days a week because it’s what they do. People do not like change and the fact is no one wants to see someone do better than themselves, because most people are selfish. Just a plain cold truth.
  3. Everyone is afraid to talk about what if the market crashes? Like it did not to many years ago? Having a business that can operate world-wide will be affected but not as much as the stocks that you might have invested in!

What Everyone Wants to Hear Compared to Reality

Everyone wants to be wealthy and prosperous, and there is nothing wrong with that however, they do not ever start the process of learning and achieving their goals to become wealthy. Any site that says getting money online is easy is lying to you. If you don’t believe me picture this.

You are walking down the beach and you are enjoying your day off, one of the very few you have to yourself. When someone approaches you and says “It looks like you need some money” he then hands you his briefcase and you find a million dollars inside it. He then turns and walks away without warning or a thank you.

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Please. Get a life, it’s not ever going to happen. So what makes people think it would happen online?

So what is Getting Rich Quickly?

Getting rich isn’t easy otherwise more people would be millionaires! Becoming rich through your internet business is going to take time, hard work, networking, planning and dedication!

The Smart Passive Income Blog owned by Pat Flynn took two years to earn him a six figure income. If you think about how long that took it wasn’t very long. Considering that he is now working from home choosing his own hours to work as well as making passive income.

Two years. That isn’t a very long time! Getting rich quick is exactly what Pat did, considering that it takes most people decades if not a lifetime to even become close to their goals! Take a look at the people around you, who can you point out that made an average wage all the way to six figures a year in two years? I bet very few people even know a person that did, but most of us won’t be able to name one friend or family member who has.

Most people when they start an internet business believe that they are going to put a week or two’s worth of work into their blog and they are going to achieve the top rankings and all of a sudden become a millionaire. I wish it were true, as the saying goes ‘if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is’.

Do You Have What it Takes to get Rich Quickly?

You do not have to reinvent the wheel or even have a new software product that is going to revolutionize the online world, all you need to do is present something better than what everyone else is doing. Which is way more simple!

A lot of Ebay businesses are doing just that, offering something that the competitors aren’t. Such as free gifts should they purchase a their product. Offering something that is unique and useful to a customer makes it more appealing to purchase. Make your internet business stand out and success will find you.

Why I Love Hearing Complaints Especially when someone says “I hate that…”

As an entrepreneur we have to think outside the box. Understanding someone’s complaint is more than just agreeing with them. When you hear someone saying “I hate that…” it means a demand is not being met and this might be the opportunity for you to fill that gap. Offering a product or service will make both you and the customer happy because you are solving a problem in their life, and fulfilling one in yours (earning an income).

There are two different types of earning money online which is offering affiliate products, or offering your own product. Although between the two there are more things to consider, to read more about the different types of products you sell on the internet, click the link.

Getting rich quickly isn’t easy, it’s a process of learning, building, adapting to your audience and re-evaluating yourself and your business based on the market.


  1. Mary Stephenson says

    Hi Matthew

    You are so right, it is not easy and whichever way a person goes. Either what we were taught to do by saving and then the crash and it is all gone. Or online, although there is much promise for the possibility of being successful faster, we are still being fooled into believing that it is really simple. There is no magic system, even though we are being pushed into spending our money just because someone says there is an easy system.
    They never tell you that it really doesn’t work or that you could have the doors slammed shut on you by trying their new little trick. They don’t care, they got your money and off they go to find another victim.

    I believe success will come if you are honest and work in the right direction, but like you say it takes time.

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    • Matthew Defeo says

      Hi Mary, thanks for your comment! I agree with you there are a lot of people that have been ripped off by scammers, terrible products and have been lied to over and over. Personally I have fallen for some of them and its really sad that we have to go through this. But that is life.

      I hope that this post helped you learn from my mistakes so you don’t have to go through them as I did!

    • Matthew Defeo says

      Thanks very much for leaving your comment. Its always nice to to know that your work is appreciated!

      Khaja, your right that making money online isn’t easy but its well worth the effort because we can all learn and build our own businesses by learning from others.

      Below is a post that I wrote regarding my progress and things I have incorporated into my blog that might help you! I hope that this blog and mine will help build more income to your bank account!
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  2. katherin says

    Getting success in internet marketing is not a easy thing..we should learn many things to create it.. we should know about all updates in internet marketing.According to the updates we have to change our working style..we have to spend more time to get success in internet marketing..

    • Matthew Defeo says

      Thanks for the comment Katherin. Your right when it comes to internet marketing your site, but what I believe is the most difficult thing to do is to implement a strategy that works.

      Internet marketing is such a broad term these days, it use to mean advertising, then it turned into spamming all over the internet and then it became I have a site on the internet so I am a internet marketer.

      Unfortunately I see so many people thinking that they can just start a blog (free or paid) and earn money over night. Its sad because people will pay a lot of money and try to create a business without researching and discovering why and what there audience really wants and needs.

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    • Matthew Defeo says

      Chirs I like how you worded that “it’s like a normal business so we have to invest (time, money and even “engagement”)”. There are too many people that just want to get through the work and make millions, instead they don’t make a cent and wonder why.

      The key in my opinion to building a passive income is learning about your audience through surveys, interaction with them as well as time.

      Thanks for the comment!
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    • Matthew Defeo says

      Lisa thank you for letting me know what you enjoyed about this post. That means a lot.

      Learning to build and grow your business takes time, patience and research. I don’t believe that most people have actually done a lot of ressearch prior to building a blog/website and I believe that this is the reason most people fail when building a online presence.

      Another factor that I have discovered a lot of bloggers don’t do is comment. They don’t reach out and reward or connect with other blogs/websites in their niche. Instead they aim to beat them rather than work together to achieve a better understanding as well as learn and share ideas.

      Thanks Lisa again for your comment and time to read my post!
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  3. Oliver Tausend says

    Hi Matthew,

    thanks for sharing your insights. Most people confuse being financially independent with being rich. You can be financially independent without being rich and you can be rich without being financially independent. If you need 1,000 $ per month to cover your costs and have the money or the business income to fund this annuity every month, you’re not yet rich, but financially independent.

    If you need 100,000 $ per month to finance your lifestyle and have to work for it every single day, you’re rich in most people’s terms, but not financially independent.

    Getting rich is a three step process:

    1. Getting clarity how much money I need to be financially independent and what it means to meto be rich in money terms
    2. Getting financially independent first
    3. Getting rich on the foundation of our financial independence, that means not giving up our day job after our “passive income” meets our costs.

    Does that make sense ?


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    • Matthew Defeo says

      Oliver what a great comment! You really put your foot down and deliver and excellent honest comment.

      I agree with you when you mention that most people are confused between being financially independent with being rich.

      Here is my thought on this.

      Being financially independent is someone who is making it but isn’t exactly making use of all their talents/skills/ideas. This is the average person who is paying the bills just to get by.

      A rich person is someone who has a set amount of money they would like to earn each year and challenges themselves to earn more each and every year after they reach their goal. They are also the people who are happy with what they are doing, they live life to their own standards and are successful because they take the time to learn how to be successful in anything they pursuit but also having a budget that they can live off comfortably.

      That means a person who is earning 50 thousand or a million a year and is happy with himself and his business is rich to me as long as he has financial goals, has a low debt, and is continuously learning. He is rich in his life because he is always growing, building and learning about himself as well as others.

      I mean how often do you see people that are “rich” going bankrupt, a lot. Its because they do not realize who much money they are making and are emotional buyers rather than a disciplined person who knows his/hers financial goals.
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      • says

        Hi Matt, I agreed with both you and Oliver as I read your dialog here in defining financially indepentent and rich. I felt, Matt, your definitions to be very fine and clear ones…easy to digest. I appreciate it.

  4. Jon Rhodes says

    I always like to think in terms of providing value. You have to provide a million dollars worth of value to receive it. As a blogger it is not quite as daunting as it sounds, although it is obviously so mean feat. You can provide just $1 value to a million people, $10 of value to 100,000 people, or $100 to 10,000. The internet is so big that it is possible. Just got to give enough to enough people. This means great content and marketing yourself.
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    • Matthew Defeo says

      Great point Jon.

      Providing value whether its a ebook, post, software, etc. is a great way to entice and receive visitors and have them interact with your site. Also giving away free content, through podcasts, ebooks and other products can really help you build trust and a relationship with other bloggers and visitors!

      The internet does have all kinds of possibilities, most people don’t even know a 1/4 of them, because the internet is like space, large, undiscovered and constantly evolving.
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  5. Romy Singh says

    Hello Matthew,

    Agree with you! there’s nothing like getting rich quickly or overnight success. Success is not an accident. It is no miracle either. It’s simply a matter of cause and effect.

    You are here not making any money, its all because of you – no one else.

    If you do what you’ve always done, you’ll get what you have always got. if you want to achieve something different, something bigger, you have never achieved before, you must do something, you’ve never done before.

    If you want success then you’ve to work hard as well as smart. It’s your action, your efforts which will give you what you desire.

    Stop wishing, praying to be rich, start working.
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    • Matthew Defeo says

      “Success is not an accident.” I am so glad you said that Romy!

      People are always saying that this person just got lucky because he/she some how some way got rich and are living the way they have always dreamed about. The sad truth behind that is most people don’t realize all the hard work behind the scenes, the struggles, frustrations and times where nothing seems to be working just right. But they also don’t see the rewards of such determination and ambitions that have developed between the time they started their learning to their final product, success.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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  6. says

    Interesting post, and very true, people can get rich fairly fast, but that depends on the level of work that they put in. Simply writing a post or two will not do it, people should see online businesses like blogging as a long term think. I mean, when you get to Pat Flynn’s level, would you want to stop and let it slip so that you end up having to work more or start again.

    If I was given the opportunity to get rich quick then lose it all or get rich slowly, learn new skills and gain a steady life of freedom and occasional work I know which I would go for. Who is with me on that?

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    • Matthew Defeo says

      I love that you mentioned Pat Flynn. He has always been a great influence and has really single handedly changed my perception of online businesses all over.

      He is so transparent and creates such a distinct brand through his smartpassiveincome podcasts, posts, videos and social media. I have tremendous respect for him and what he has accomplished. I can only help but model myself around his theories, compassion and thoughts.
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  7. Anup Kayastha says

    Hi Matt, you’ve actually demonstrated the real thing that happens when it comes to making money online. Some people still believe in get reach quick system. But all these thing is not going to happen overnight, you need to plan, network and dedication exactly what you’ve mentioned in the post.

    Thank you for sharing your views, Matthew!
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  8. says

    Hey Matt

    Your post has certainly been music to my ears.

    There are so many get rich quick systems on the internet it’s easy to get sucked into one of them. I know I have done in the past.

    Now I’ve realised, from my point of view, it’s about making relationships, networking and offering a service.

    Thanks for sharing.

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  9. Joey Xoto says

    Hey Matthew!

    It’s coolto see that you are telling others to be realistic. There are too many marketers making it look like its so easy to make money super fast, which as you said is unrealistic. I think 97% of marketers fail just due to bad expectations!

    Your blog is looking super good and I think your a good demonstration of how it’s meant to be done online!

    Takecare Matthew


    • Matthew Defeo says

      Hi joey!
      I really appreciate you going to my blog and taking a look that means a lot! I really appreciate your comment as well.

      I hope that you continue to visit both and to learn more and build your own income online.

      Thanks again.

  10. Felicia says

    Hi Matthew,
    The online get rich quick is very much overstated. Whenever my friends learn that I run a few websites for a living, they immediately assume that I am earning big money as that is what they often find advertised online. Well, yeah, I earn, but not that much, just enough to match my old day job salary. Earning money online is not that easy and it takes a lot of work just to do it. If it were that easy, everyone would be rich.
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    • Matthew Defeo says

      Hi Felicia – I am in the same boat you are! I still work a job that some would consider a career – but working for someone else just isn’t for me.

      When I do tell my friends and co-workers about my blog and that I do earn income online I find it that they either become extremely skeptical or interested. its one or the other.

      As a matter of fact that sounds like a great post idea! haha

      Just keep at it!
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  11. John Banks says

    Hi Matthew,

    This is a really good post. You hit the mail on so many points. Talking from a personal perspective I know it really does take time – I think it took me around 6 months before I even earned a dollar! But then things started to happen, different opportunities arise, you meet different people and progressively your business starts to develop.

    I still get people trying to knock me down every so often, but it just makes be more passionate to try things even harder. It can be very hard sometimes, especially with a family and not so much time but if its something that you really want then you have to work at it.

    I once read a quote it went something like “Nothing that is worth having, comes easy”

    So true…..

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    • Matthew Defeo says

      thanks John I am glad you read the post and found it useful. I am not one to lead people on or to make them buy something they don’t need however I will offer something that I think is beneficial that I’ve personally used and am happy with the products.

      best of luck to you.
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