10 Blogging Tips For an Irresistible List Post

The articles divided into points, in other words the list posts, have a great success among readers in the blogosphere, because they are easy to read, they avoid unnecessary chatter and they are rich of information.

Writing a list post, means to organize content in a structure that is particularly suited to the web, but this does not mean that you can simply number some stuff and just publish it, in order to get retweets, comments or academics kisses.

You must remember this : Quality above all!

Bloggin Tips about List Post

Here you find 10 blogging tips that you should follow in order to write a great List Post.


1 . Publish Useful Resources

You should take a moment to emphasize in your article the fundamental concept, in other words what you are writing about.

Before think to write about a specific topic, just ask yourself : “Has someone already published a list of the resources listed in my article? Can I give to the readers something useful ?

Try to be innovative in your writing, and avoid what has been said already 1,000 times.

I know that in the blogging niche, this is something not easy at all, but if someone ask you the difference between your list and the one already published by other bloggers, the answer should be very clear.

And above all you should write something really useful. See what I mean :

How to Write an Article in Less than One Hour : 10 Useful Tips


2 . Do Not Complicate: Simplify

The list posts go viral on the web. They respond to the needs of those who have little time available and allow your readers to quickly identify what interests them.

For this reason the list posts are easier to read, in relation to other articles.

You should select the most interesting information for ordering a weighted list. Nothing must be left to chance!


3 . Do Not Overdo the Points

Publishing a list with 150 points makes always a certain effect, but you should think if all these points are really necessary to your article.

Remember that people in internet are lazy and too many points may bore them.

There is not a particular right number of points for your post, each list needs its space to be explained.

I have written a list with 102 points, but actually this is a resume of  Blogging Tips and What I Have Learned, so I guess if it is really worth, you can list many points.

Just try to identify and develop your idea, therefore write the points that you think are useful to explain your concept.


4 . Create Sections

If you are writing a list with many articulated concepts, in order to improve readability, try to divide the points into thematic sections with a title, a bit of an introduction text and a picture.

Also using bold or italics really helps sometimes.


5 . Focus on the Images

When you are working on list posts, you may forget completely about images.This happens sometimes.

But you should remember that you need to include in every article at least one image, as this really helps the viewing of the whole post in the eyes of your reader.

Things to Do - List


6 . Work on Your Headline

The soul of every article is enclosed in its headline. This is the same for a list post. The article headline is your business card in the SERP, in social media and all around the web.

It is difficult to have a second chance, if your headline is not good enough to catch your visitor’s attention, he will not continue reading your post.

A tip: use the numbers in your title, as they really help to understand the content of your article.


7 . Use a Good Format

The points of your list should be easily recognizable and widely spaced, while the header of the paragraphs should follow a consistent basis that brings all the titles in that section to have the same importance.

To be clear : the titles of the paragraphs should be <h2> with similar appearance, the same goes for subtitles <h3> and so on. These are simple but fundamental rules that you need to follow, also for SEO reasons.

If you want to know more, be sure to read these 20 SEO Tips for Beginner Bloggers.


8 . Watch the Number of Points

It may happen that you have 10 points in your headline, then in your content you miss one.

Be sure to proofread your article, and be sure to include in your list post all the points you had in your mind.

Reading again (and again if needed) your content, before publishing it, does not cost you anything.


9 . Choose Between Points and Paragraphs

When you create a list post, you have 2 solutions: the bulleted lists (ordered list in your WP Dashboard – use Alt + Shift + O) and paragraphs.

In the first case there is a real bullet list marked with small icons (or numbers) , in the second you create manually the paragraphs with titles and numbers.

So the question is which option you should use. Just thing about how many points you have to list and how much you can write about each one, and you will have your answer.


10 . Do Not Forget the Call to Action

Occasionally you may find articles that has huge list well written, but without any call to action.

In my opinion, you should include an invitation for your reader. It may simply be a question.

Perhaps there is no need to write anything more, but do not complain if users do not comment, for instance.

At the end of my articles there are always a call to action for invite the readers to comment and leave their own experience.

You can also ask your readers to subscribe to your RSS Feeds, if they liked what they have read.

Did you already subscribed to NoPassiveIncome.com Updates?


What about you, do you like the Posts Lists? Are you using them in your blog?


    • Erik Emanuelli says

      I think when you give something to someone (for istance good content to read, a video, a tutorial course), you can ask for something in return.
      This is the Call to Action.
      And it is certainly commensurate with the service you give.

      Thanks a lot for the Guest Post opportunity, Chris! :-)
      I really appreciated it!

    • Erik Emanuelli says

      I do agree with you, Caimin.
      In fact generally, people online are “lazy”.
      They want a quick and interesting read, that addresses their needs.
      A list too long demoralize right away!

      Are you using list posts, Caimin?

    • Erik Emanuelli says

      Thanks for the comment, John.

      I think that if you blog about the most competitive topics, like “make money online”, “blogging”, “online marketing”, etc, it is really hard to find something of which has not been discussed yet.
      I do suggest you to say YOUR OPINION” about those topics or a special subject.

      I think that stand out from the crowd is the key here.

      Don’t you think so, John?

  1. Christine Brady says

    Hi Erik,

    Gotta love those list posts!

    Excellent point about the headlines – I love writing them, but also work on some for many hours before finally nailing one down. As you said, they are super important, so it pays to craft a great one.

    Thanks for sharing!

    Christine Brady recommend you to read:5 Ideas for Killer Newsletter ContentMy Profile

    • Erik Emanuelli says

      Hi Christine,
      thanks for the kind words! :-)

      I think with experience you will be able to improve, then surely this also applies to blogging, and writing successful headlines.
      Moreover, the headline is the part that first jumps to the attention of the reader and if is not attractive enough, he will not continue to visit and read your article!

      Are you using List Posts in your blog, Christine?

    • Erik Emanuelli says

      Do not underestimate the power of a List Post, Andi!
      In my opinion it is not a “second choise”, for your content, if written well.
      Don’t you think so?

  2. Rick Eberhart says


    Great stuff. Love the emphasis on quality!

    Great point about images. They ARE easy to forget about as a way to keep readers interested. Well put.


    • Erik Emanuelli says

      Thanks Rick!

      At least one image per post is really a need.
      It helps mix what would be a wall of text, without images.

      Are you using List Posts, Rick?

  3. Chadrack says

    Hi Erik,

    Must say you’ve done a great work here. I do a lot of list posts. For me they are the easiest to write and they are good at passing along your message with much ease.

    I really like it when you say, not to complicate things. I’ve actually seen some list posts which I had to stop half way because they are either too long or disjointed in ideas.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Chadrack recommend you to read:The 3 Scientific Steps to Using Social Media for Online Selling!My Profile

    • Erik Emanuelli says

      Hi Chadrack,
      I am glad you liked the article.

      I think simplicity most of the times works better, than complicated things.
      List Posts are easy to read and reach more audience.

      Thanks for your comment.

  4. says

    Writing lists also mean having a long post, and no one especially loves reading long posts. It is only in the format and how you present your list article that people will find it appealing. You may even pt instructions to find what they are looking for using the CTRL+F function and list down the keywords they could look for.

  5. says

    Thanks Erik for this informative post. Great tips you have provided above and all would be very helpful in blogging. I like the sixth and the seventh format of working on headline and using a good format. I think these two are important. An appropriate headline is the first most important thing that the visitors gets attracted to.

  6. Ben Edgson says

    Erik this is the second post of yours I have read today. you could charge bucks for this kind of information! the whole list thing will make everything seem so clear to my readers and I think they will keep coming back! Thank you so much Erik!! :)
    Ben Edgson recommend you to read:Hello world!My Profile

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