How to Write an Article in Less Than One Hour – 10 Useful Tips

Okay, you want to learn how to become a great writer and write an article very quickly. I will show you these tips, but before revealing them, I want to clear up what kind of articles you may write in less than one hour.

First of all, writing quickly doesn’t mean writing with poor quality. If you have something important to say, your article may be quick, without wordiness. One hour is a short period of time, but within it you can prepare a great article of about 500 words. In that time, you can discuss about three to five major points. So, if you plan to write a longer, higher quality article, you will (probably) need more time for it.

The second point here is that, if you need to interlink between your posts, finding related posts and proper anchors will also take time.

You will also want to find proper pictures, videos or other multimedia for your article and that can be timeconsuming.

So, let’s go to our tips:

How to Write an Article in Less Than One Hour

How to write an article?


1. Plan One Hour Free of Distractions

It may be obvious for you, that time for writing post or article should be free from distractions. But sometimes we forget about it. We are trying to concentrate, but we didn’t switch off Facebook or we are thinking about something else. We should try to get rid of all unnecessary thoughts and distractions, like Twitter or emails.

Here you can find my 10 tips How to Fight with Distractions


2. Believe in Yourself

Yes, it’s really important. Believing that you can write an article in less than one hour is very important. Without it you will write your article in hours or even days.

I’m not an English speaker or writer; what’s more, I started writing in English just half a year ago. I’m sure that my English teacher will be proud of me, even despite my grammar mistakes 😉 But without self-confidence I would never start writing in a foreign language. So – believe in yourself!


3. Plan What You Want to Achieve with an Article (2-5 minutes)

This point is essential. You have to know what you want. Should it be a promotional article? Or maybe you want to share your experience about something? Or is it a simple story for your readers? Do you want to make them cry? Or laugh? Or maybe you want to arouse interest about something? You should answer these questions before you start writing your article.


4. Do Some Quick Research On Your Topic (2-5 minutes)

Article research

I assume that you know the subject matter of your article. But even if you are an expert, it’s worth it to some research about it. You should check in your favorite search engine 😉  what’s hot, and what’s not. You can do it also on blogs you are following.


5. Write Down the Most Important Points of Your Article (2-5 minutes)

As I wrote at the beginning of this tutorial – find three to five important points you want to raise in your article.  If you find more – it’s okay, but your article will be longer and probably will take you more than one hour (for example writing this article, finding related articles, anchors, pictures and publishing it, took me about three hours).


6. Use (12+2)*3 Technique

This technique is very simple – write for twelve minutes, take a two-minute break, and repeat it three times. If you need less or more time for writing an article – you should repeat it less or more times 😉 . But remember – for 12 minutes you should write and only write, without exceptions. After that, you will get a two-minute break, when you can do something else (but I recommend you to stay on the computer).

For counting minutes you can use a timer on your clock or smart phone. Even a kitchen timer may be good for this technique. This tip is modification of (10+2)*5 rule from


7. Prepare a Tea or Coffee For You (2 minutes)

Yes, it’s really important for your mind. So, stand up and go to the coffee room or to the kitchen. If possible, you can even talk with somebody – but remember about the time limit – you have only two minutes for it!


8. Read Carefully and Correct All of Your Bug(s) or Misspellings (2-5 minutes)

You should read your article at least once and mark all errors or misspellings. After it, you should check it in your dictionary (or in Google :) ), and correct all. If you have some time, you can read it once more.


9. Format Your Article – Make Points, Paragraphs, Links to Other Sites (2-5 minutes)

Now it’s the time for improvements and for formatting your post. Your article should be readable – think about it as brochure – is it easy to read, understand and find the main points?


10. Be Consistent in Your Actions

That means try to write an article every day, at least for two weeks. After two weeks you will see that your writing ability will improve very quickly.


And I have one more tip about fast writing for you. If you have other ideas or topics for your website or blog – write them down. Every time you find something interesting – put it on paper (or .doc :) ).

For instance I have a list about 50 new topics and ideas for my blog – and you?

Now you can see, that these tips are great not only for free articles directory ;), but also for your own blog or website. If you want to write killer article, which will charm your audience, you must read two more tutorials:

How to Write Killer Article – 10 Article Writing Tips


How to Attract Your Blog Posts – 20 Tips for Normal People


Of course, for writing articles or posts you may try to use one of the article writing services or hire a professional copywriter. But it costs you a lot of money, it’s also time-consuming (you must find high quality writers, discus idea(s) of article(s) with them, check their articles and finally pay them for the staff), and it doesn’t give you satisfaction from well written article :)


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And what are your tips for fast writing? Do you have some techniques for it, or are you spontaneous with it? Please share your experience below in the comments.


  1. btbuzz says

    Yep i hire text broker , or use my staff to write them
    I can write a song , but on the im biz i use pros
    I have great ideas on subjects, i let someone else write them into readable grammar.
    Is readable grammar a term, probably not , see what i mean .
    Creative ideas are my forte, I let the people with proper english do the fine tuning, at least for me.
    btbuzz recommend you to read:What’s Your Niche Site’s Property Value?My Profile

  2. says

    Love your image of the dog reading – way too cute. An hour without distractions is really important. I shut down all the tabs with social networks so I will not be tempted to check on them until I’m done writing. I love proofing on my Droid, something about reading it there always makes me catch something. I used to print them out but that gets costly and a waste of paper.
    I find if I go for a walk ideas flow to me. I just have to get better about writing them done so I can have a long list like you to refer to.
    Lisa recommend you to read:Have You Updated To The Latest WordPress 3.4 Version?My Profile

  3. Erik Emanuelli says

    Great tips, Chris.
    Thanks for sharing.

    A suggestion for point number 1 : use a pc without internet connection! 😉
    So you will surely avoid any distractions while writing on your keyboard.

  4. says

    I find easier to create a draft in 5 minutes and continue writing the entire article in less than 30 minutes the next day. If you can’t structure whatever you are going to write, you end up revising the post over and over again so you end up wasting time. The process of writing and proofreading should be separated in practice so writing comes more naturally.

    • says

      Hi Marck – sometimes I also use some kind of your tip – I write a draft and try ti finish it next day. But unfortunatelly I have to many unfinishedd drafts at the moment 😉
      Thanks for your good advise!
      BR, Chris

  5. says

    Great post Chris.
    The (12+2)*3 technique – amazing point. I will surely try to implement it.
    I normally take about 1-2 hour to write an article. All the distractions around – Facebook, Twitter and now Bloggers. All this distract me while writing and it takes around 2 hours.

    I will try to implement all your points.
    Simply superb. You rock and so do your articles :)
    Arbaz Khan recommend you to read:Microsoft takes on Apple; finally unveils the Surface TabletsMy Profile

    • says

      Thanks for stopping by, Arbaz. 2 hours is also no bad 😉
      For me emails are my worst distractions, and I try to use my email client only when it’s really necessary…
      BR Chris

  6. says

    That’s all great advice Chris. I don’t think I’ve ever really timed myself with writing posts. It use to take me hours only because I might have in my mind what I want to write about but I’ll get it all on paper and then write it over and over again. I’m much better now then I was when I started.

    Now articles do take me longer. Not sure why. I probably just think way too much.

    I’m going to give this a go. I mean really take this to heart and give it my all. All accept the coffee or tea part. I’m a water drinker only, sorry.

    Thanks for sharing these steps. Wish me luck.

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  7. says

    Hi Chris,
    We all know that Content is the KING, no doubt about it. On the other hand behind the success of any blog, writing the content is not everything. It is just a ten percent work. There are any other things which one needs to do and these are time taking too.
    In such situations, it is very important not to waste too much of tie in writing. And you have mentioned some terrific tips on how to write a great post in less than sixty minutes. Thanks Chris! Great Job!
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  8. says

    Hi Chris – great advice! But, to really hit home,it would be great if you had no grammar mistakes or spellos…I can’t help it, I’m an editor and author. For example – first sentence!!

    “I will show you these tips, but before revealing it” … that would be “them”…. tips is plural! You stopped me right there.


    • says

      Hi Mary, thank you for your helpful tip. I know, that I make grammar mistakes – as I wrote in #2, I write articles in English since January… And I’m still learning :)
      BR, Chris

  9. Jessi from Tefl online says

    My son is weak to write articles, because he can’t make points and paragraphs. You have given good tips to write article within few minutes, so I will tell these tips to my son because this will definitely help him.

  10. Raaj Trambadia says

    Nice tips out here. But I probably add the formatting (inbound links, H1 or H2 headers) while writing the article itself. The time consuming part is the optimization. Just for adding the keywords a few more times, you might have to change so much in the article! But that’s not the case when you’re just writing for your regular readers, and not for the search engine.

    Nice post again! Cheers
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  11. says

    Hi Chris,

    I especially like the (12+2)*3 Technique as I think that this is doable in short 12 minute periods.

    There is no way that I could correct my spelling and grammar errors in 5 minutes though. It is not so much that I make a lot of mistakes, but I am fussy with how my paragraphs read and quite often rearrange the order of words and the placement of comma’s etc.

    But in general your tips are excellent and also actionable.
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  12. Ambika Choudhary Mahajan says

    Totally agree with the writer.
    It takes me 60-90 minutes to write an article. Inserting pics, interlinking and formatting takes another 45 minutes.
    I was under the impression that I am a bad learner and am still taking unduly long to put up the posts over there. Good to know that other bloggers face the same issues.
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  13. John Harder says

    Great article and helpful tips.
    I have a great FREE ecourse to help with those who have trouble writing articles or need some extra help.

    check the site out.

  14. Lee says

    Hi when I read it like that it sounds so simple. I usually take hours doing an article I start off ok but there is always some where in the process that I get a block and end up taking an age. Will give your points ago and see how I get on.

    Great heads up thanks lee
    Lee recommend you to read:Multi Pet InsuranceMy Profile

  15. nikhil says

    hello, especially thanks to the witter for his golden suggestion….. things are different that how to approach a pin point of one can make arouse to reader……how can we hit on the mind of reader…..there are lot of question and various answer, but the question is which one suitable for particular situation….we need to identify the proper way to seeking the path from where we make us able to generate new ideas.

  16. says

    If I want to write an article I spend 10 minutes writing a draft. I don’t worry about proper syntax or good writing in the draft. I only want to write down as many ideas as possible. Then I continue writing the final version of my article. I like this technique because the first time I only worry about ideas and the second time i only worry about syntax.
    Anyway, I really enjoyed your article. thanks.
    Mitsakis recommend you to read:how to write an articleMy Profile

  17. Lillian Leon says

    Wow, really impressed you can write a post in less than an hour Chris, esp as English isn’t even your first language!!

    I take between 4-8 hours, including finding images, layout, linking, etc!!

    You’ve inspired me to be more disciplined. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to cut it down to an hour, but I’d be overjoyed to cut it back to 2-3 hours!!

    Thanks!! :)
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  18. olayinka. says

    Hi Chris, my problem in wrting either essay or article is the starting, I don’t know how start a given topic in an exam or test I feel so bad when I see my colleage contructing their words propely on paper with their pen. PLS AM URGING ALL GOODS or ANYBODY TO HELP ME OUT so i can help people like me. Thanks. This. Is facebook ID Sanni olayinka.

  19. Arvinder says

    Hi Chirs,

    I liked your article and the 10 simple steps for writing a 500 word piece in an hour or so.

    I have been procrastinating about writing a few articles for sometime now but after reading your article it somehow makes it look a lot simpler and doable.

    Thanks for your help, shall keep checking on your new articles too !!

  20. says

    My job is all article writing. I’ve gotten it down to a science… I’m able to write a great article in 30 minutes max. I’ve got like 3 books of just article topics and ebook topics. Without my notebooks I’d have a head full of content that I couldn’t even use when I’m having to potty train my son as well. Loved this article and the comments that come with it. One great tip I’ve learned is to say your article and then go to and have someone transcribe your recording. The main drawback is it will cost you $5 per 3000 to 4000 words..
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  21. Colm says

    I am trying to get into content writing online and I am trying to figure out how many articles I can write a day (whilst staying sane). What is your average article number per day?
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  22. Rayah says

    I’m planning on becoming a journalist and I’ve been having writer’s block lately, so this article really is useful. I think I’m going to try this and see what happens! Thanks!

  23. Cloud Server says

    I have never been able to write a post in that amount of time. I usually have to write out a diagram of what I want to write about just to organize my thoughts.
    Cloud Server recommend you to read:today 20:55My Profile

  24. Junaid Raza says

    Chris! to be frank i just loved your article. As i,m new i would try your suggestions. I,m sure i will achieve my Goals soon. You are right, if some one know all about the topic, he should take some time to plan all of the article. Still the article should not be more than 500 Words, its really easy to write article within 1 hour. As you mentioned you are not English, from where you belong, No one can judge you. 😉
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  25. says

    Thank you for the great advice. Sometimes it is hard o churn out a great article in a short amount of time. With these tips you have made that a bit easier, again thank you.
    Cloud Server recommend you to read:today 20:55My Profile

  26. says

    I really like the (12+2)*3 thing…I am surely going to try that one out…It’s a great rewarding system which directly works on the mind..I see a bit of professional psychology in this idea..Thanks for sharing. Cheers.
    Joe Hart recommend you to read:Dental ImplantsMy Profile

  27. says

    No, I still can’t write a post that quickly. But it’s getting quicker. Those darn keywords slow me down every time.You will notice that I have commented on your three most popular posts. I’m competitive. I like commenting. And I also want to be the top commenter, just because. I get value from your posts. I don’t see it as a time waster. And I’m growing my blog by learning on yours.
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  28. says

    Hi Chris,

    Nice thoughts buddy. I like your two tips very much i.e. Research and (10+2)*2. For writing research is very important. one should have complete knowledge about the topic because a little knowledge is dangerous thing. I will definitely try your tips.Thanks

  29. says

    “Hi Chris,

    Nice thought buddy. I like you two tips very much i.e. Research and (10+2)*2. For writing research is very important. one should have complete knowledge about the topic because a little knowledge is dangerous thing. I will definitely try your tips.Thanks”

  30. says

    Hi Chris

    Nice article and helpful tips. I have started blogging recently. Most of the times, I am able to finish my articles in an hours time. Sometimes I am satisfied sometimes I am not. But one thing is sure, if I wait for a long time to finish an article, it just loses soul.

  31. says

    Really article writing time taken more than expected. We need to trust draft and keep on making it. Your tips are good. I personally like a great tip that is, before starting up work we need to get ready with image and knowledge about post. So that if we have knowledge then our work would be fast with quality content. Thanks for all these tips you gave us.
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