5 Tips for Increasing Pinterest Traffic to Your Website

Pinterest provides an interesting and effective social media marketing opportunity to small-business owners. Yet, it is also easy to have your marketing efforts on Pinterest become a total flop. Even though it doesn’t cost any money to market and promote your business on Pinterest, it can cost you time, an underestimated or sometimes forgotten business commodity. Similar to other forms of social media and traditional marketing, the point of using Pinterest is to lead potential customers back to your website. Increase your ability to do so by incorporating a few or all of these techniques for driving Pinterest users to your small business website.

5 tips for increasing Pinterest traffic

Add Pinterest Buttons to Your Website

Time management and efficiency are important for small-business owners. You can support both of these by having your customers help you pin new items on Pinterest. Add embeddable Pinterest buttons to your website and blog; their presence will encourage visitors to share any images or information they find interesting and useful. As Pinterest users pin your images, you’ll benefit from the ripple effect that takes place as other users repin the images.

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Tease Followers

Don’t give users the whole enchilada in one Pinterest image. Instead, provide teasers that make them want to find out more. Pin images of your products or of things related to your services, and invite users to visit your site to learn more. Ask questions and encourage answers and feedback on your company website blog.


Connect with Your Business Blog

After you embed Pinterest buttons on your company website, be sure to add them to your business blog. Having those red Pinterest buttons on your blog will encourage subscribers to pin blog posts to Pinterest for others to see. Likewise, you can pin a new blog entry on Pinterest to attract new followers. Blog posts that offer tutorials or other useful information are very popular when pinned on Pinterest.


Point Them in the Direction of Further Information

Pinterest users scan over images quickly, looking for things that catch their eyes. Although you can inundate users with copious amounts of text information, it’s better to pin a really great image and lead users back to your website for further information.


Deliver on Promises Made

If you promise to provide more information on your website or engage in conversation with users, be sure to deliver on those promises. Be genuine and authentic with your pins to avoid misrepresenting your business to potential customers. Ensure your pins relate to your business and your community involvement. If an image or pin has nothing to do with what your business is all about, you’re better off looking for a more appropriate image.

You can fool a potential customer one time, but you won’t fool him or her twice. Once you’ve caught Pinterest users’ eyes with your recent pin, you get only one chance to capitalize on the interest you’ve sparked. Divide your focus between posting attractive, relevant, useful pins and making sure you have a website that is also attractive, relevant and informative. The two go hand-in-hand, and if you don’t have a good website to draw customers to, then you’re sending them on a wild goose chase they’re not likely to repeat. Consider these five tips when adding new pins to your Pinterest boards to help you convert followers into customers.

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  1. says

    I am sorry to say this but Pinterest is meant for female users only. If you have a website about dogs, cats, cooking, recipe, romance, and sex then definitely you will a get a hell lot of traffic from Pinterest. But this post is worth reading.

  2. Chimezirim Odimba says

    Great article, Mary.

    You made a very strong point when you said that the aim of every activity on the different social networks should be driving traffic to your own site. However, many business owners have missed that point and treat those social networks like properties they own.

  3. says

    Hi Mary,

    Nice article and very useful information i also believe that the pinterest is great way to increase loads of traffic to a blog if don in right way and your points are really justifying.

    I recently wrote a article on my blog on use of pinterest by doing some research on pinterest. Check it out it will add more information to this article.

    Thank you
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest
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  4. says

    Hi Mary,
    Well I do believe that Pinterest is the third most best social networking site. Yes, it can bring a lot of traffic to your site if optimized properly, specially the use of pins. Although it has gained a lot of importance among female users as most of the pins are related to fashion, yet it definitely helps in building up your site. All you need to do is to optimize your pins properly. Thanks for the share!!

  5. says

    Yeah, pinterest is next to facebook and twitter in creating traffic for the blogs. In fact pinterest in itself has got many video and image blogs where lot of traffic is there. Design creative pins to make your audience travel to your blog.

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    Thank Mary Ylisela for sharing this valuable and impressive blog post. Really this is one of the good source of pinterest traffic tutorial. Actually i never thought about using yease followers before for blogging purpose. When i interest to read blog, i just visit them and i think it would not only help for creative purpose but also help eliminate publishing. I guess i should start using them to organize everything and invite user to visit my site to learn more.
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