Reasons and Benefits of Using CommentLuv Plugin (I Love It And You Should Too)


It's been a long time since the day I got my CommentLuv plugin and I've really enjoyed its many benefits on all my blogs. If you are an experienced blogger, I am sure you are already using it on your site. But if you are pretty new in the blogosphere, many be you don't know it or you don't have your copy yet. Now it's the convenient time to get your unlimited license … [Read more...]

First Contest on NPI Finished. Who is the Winner?

Who is the Winner?

Dear readers, yesterday was the last day to submit posts in our contest (details you can find below this link), so today I want to announce the Winners. First of all I want to thank all of the participants. You wrote a lot of helpful articles in this contest, and almost every post submitted to this contest was great. So we had a big problem to choose the winners. But … [Read more...]

Make Money Blogging – Is it Really Possible?

Make Money Blogging

Do You Really Make Money Blogging?   Why I'm asking you about something like that? Let’s start with short introduction…   I plan to write about something else, but last week something happened which changed my plans. Last week there was 1st anniversary of CommentLuv – great WP plugin from Andy Bailey (I mention this plugin some weeks ago here: How to Stop … [Read more...]

How to Stop Spam in Comments – AntiSpam Tips for Bloggers

How to stop SPAM

Every blogger and a lot of website owners like comments. As someone wrote “comments are blood of blogs”. Without them blog looks like empty house or dead city. We all love comments. But we like them only when they are from real people, not from spambots.   And there is a connection – the more popular blog is, the more spam comments it will get.   In this … [Read more...]

How Commenting May Help You Build Your Credibility And Traffic For Your Blog


Comments are one of the most important factors in building relationships with other bloggers. But they are also amazing in getting traffic and in building your credibility as a blogger. I don’t remember who, but someone told, that “comments are blood of the blogs”. And I agree with that statement. What’s more, these days comments are even most important, than some years (or … [Read more...]