Murray Newlands Talks about Getting PR for Your Startup – Interesting for Bloggers Too!

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One of the reasons why a significant number of startups fail is due to lack of press. Press helps startups gain exposure and create awareness. These startup companies fail to get journalists to write about them because they are always trying to explain what services and products they offer; this salesy way of reaching people is what turns away most journalists and … [Read more...]

Does Your Website Design Suck? 5 Reasons to Change It!

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If the design of your website or your blog is not good enough, it is very likely that you are going to face one of the following two situations. First, if you are a brand or an SME, you are losing opportunities to do business. This is translated into potential customers running away from your site, because it does not give sufficient guarantees about your … [Read more...]

Eight Methods for getting the Most out of Google Search

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Google’s search engine is a flexible and highly customizable tool. And yet I’m still amazed to find digital marketing professionals who are just unaware of some of the most powerful and essential search techniques. Being able to use just a handful of Google’s most common search operators can open up a whole new dimension in search specificity, allowing you to hone in your … [Read more...]

The Key Elements for Ensuring Optimum Conversion for Your Landing Pages


Unlike newspapers, which are traditionally mainly used to inform and entertain, landing / squeeze pages are intended to elicit action from users; they are meant to convert and do so aggressively. Though the aggression should not be directed to overwhelming the consumer but poured into being relevant and providing value. The reason landing pages are so popular is due … [Read more...]

8 Amazing Bloggers You Should Follow


I am sure you have your list of favorite bloggers to follow, but if you have the intention to stay online for a while, then you should keep visiting and reading others resources, in order to build new connections or simply learn something new. I've published a blog post like this last month, and it received a huge response in terms of social sharing, comments and … [Read more...]

8 Must-Read Blogs to Get Inspiration From

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Whether you are new in the blogosphere, or an experienced internet marketer, you have to stay up to date on the latest news and trends, and to do this you have to read a lot. Browsing trough new articles and posts is one of the things you have to keep doing, since you start your own site. You can do this by visiting the blogs you love, grabbing the RSS Feeds or following … [Read more...]

Reasons and Benefits of Using CommentLuv Plugin (I Love It And You Should Too)


It's been a long time since the day I got my CommentLuv plugin and I've really enjoyed its many benefits on all my blogs. If you are an experienced blogger, I am sure you are already using it on your site. But if you are pretty new in the blogosphere, many be you don't know it or you don't have your copy yet. Now it's the convenient time to get your unlimited license … [Read more...]

How to Speed ​​Up Your WordPress Blog – Optimization Guide to Make it Faster


40% of internet users leave a site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load, and 47 % of them take for granted that a page loads in 2 seconds, if not less. This is taken from a KISSmetrics article on the basis of a study of Akamai and . What's the loading time of your site? You surely know that Google consider the loading speed of a page as one of the relevant … [Read more...]

How to Create Landing Pages that Make Money

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An effective landing page is the strength of any online marketing campaign. It is therefore imperative to study and test it with the utmost care. Otherwise, potential customers will not perform the action for which the page was designed. But how do you create a landing page that can sell and make money? In other words, you want to maximize the conversion rate of … [Read more...]

How to Become a Successful Blogger : 18 Steps to Follow

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The dream of every blogger is to become successful : building a great community with many comments and visits, receiving compliments for your interesting content and being recognized as an authoritative blogger. In this post you are going to read some tips which are going to help you to achieve this success. So what are the best strategies to improve your … [Read more...]

Creating Viral Content? Learn The Secret Here!

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What are the factors that make your content go viral on the internet? It's one of those million dollar questions. The virality on the web seems to be an unpredictable and uncontrollable process, and in part it certainly is, but not everything is left to chance. Some scientific studies suggest that there is a recurring element that triggers the viral spread, and it is … [Read more...]

Tools and Resources to SuperCharge your Blog (and Make More Money!)

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Happy New Year 2014! :-) I hope you had a great start of the year. Like many of you, I have set up goals for the upcoming months. I think it's very important to plan in your mind what you are going to accomplish in your next future, as this will help you realize it through all the steps. From my part, I am finally opening my own company, related to import business. I … [Read more...]

Do you lack Creativity in your writing? Here’s what to do

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Being creative is difficult, especially being creative on a daily basis is very difficult. As bloggers, we need to be creative; we can’t afford to write the same thing every time, we had to come up with unique creative ideas. Creativity is a god gifted talent, and not everyone has it. However, you still can find the way to be creative in your writing. According to … [Read more...]

9 Tested and Proven Tips To Becoming An Expert Proofreader

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A lot of folks are suffering from a syndrome called “misconception’’. Perhaps they’ve been misled by the many eBooks that they’ve read telling them that proofreading is an “innate’’ ability. I beg to disagree with such concept because the reality is that, it is an acquired skill. Over the past three years since I discovered the writer in me. I have since been … [Read more...]