what makes a content go viral

Creating Viral Content? Learn The Secret Here!

What are the factors that make your content go viral on the internet? It’s one of those million dollar questions. The virality on the web seems to be an unpredictable and uncontrollable process, and in part it certainly is, but not everything is left to chance. Some scientific studies suggest that...
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Tools and Resources to SuperCharge your Blog (and Make More Money!)

Happy New Year 2014! I hope you had a great start of the year. Like many of you, I have set up goals for the upcoming months. I think it’s very important to plan in your mind what you are going to accomplish in your next future, as this will help you realize it through all the steps. From my...
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9 Tested and Proven Tips To Becoming An Expert Proofreader

A lot of folks are suffering from a syndrome called “misconception’’. Perhaps they’ve been misled by the many eBooks that they’ve read telling them that proofreading is an “innate’’ ability. I beg to disagree with such concept because the reality is that, it is an acquired skill. Over...
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How to Find Advertisers and Sell Banners on Your Blog – 7 Tips to Make Money Online

The monetization of your online efforts is one question that all bloggers have to face, sooner or later. You may decide to blog just for fun, in your spare time, of course for passion, but after months or years of hard work, you likely want to receive “something back”. One of the best way...
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9 Must Have Plugins for Your Blog

When you have to choose which plugin to use, you must do it wisely, because in some cases – if your blog is hosted on a shared server plan - the resources that you can use are limited, and your account may be temporarily blocked if you do not follow the rules, staying within certain limits of...
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How to Produce Great Video Content without Spending a Fortune

Video is becoming one of the leading forms of content in terms of driving organic traffic and conversions. Combine that with the accessibility of video through multiple devices and you are onto a winner if you do it right. A common misconception when it comes to video is that it will cost lots of money...
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5 Good Reasons why I won’t Read your Blog

In order to excel in blogging, we need readers and without them, blogging is just a waste of time. Have you created time to check your analytics and study your bounce rate? The tips mentioned below is just one of the pinch of reasons why you have a high one and you can do some split testing to find out...
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7 Actionable Ways to reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

What the heck is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate is simply the rate at which people/readers land on your blog and leave your blog. It can also be defined as the measure of time spent by people on your blog. The longer people stick around your blog, the lower your bounce rate and vice versa. I believe you now...
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Important Lessons for Freelance Writers

If you have made a career out of freelancing, you probably already know that it isn’t exactly the most secure route for a steady income. Add on the title of “writer” and you have an even bigger challenge in front of you, and perhaps have even encountered outright struggle at times. Being...
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Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide To Make Yourself A Rock Star!

Even though there are many ways out there to grab the attention of others to your blog, Guest Blogging is the most effective way to showcase your skills and to impress people, converting them into your loyal readers. Guest Blogging when did the right way can gain you awesome results way beyond your imagination. Okay,...
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How Sponsored Posts Can Ruin Your Blog Completely

No one can deny the fact that most of the bloggers including you and me are attracted to the sponsored posts. And if those posts are found to be very much similar to the content that is being produced on your blog then we tend to accept them. We don’t look after the things such as backlink that will...
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How to Make Your Blog Popular?

Blogging is getting popular nowadays as it is a famous hobby and income generating source for the people. Building a blog for business needs thousands of daily visitors and some genuine ways should be handled to drive lot of traffic to a blog. If you have just started your blogging career, then the next...
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PostJoint – Fast Guest Blogging and Opportunities to Make Easy Money Online

There are many online networks where you can find guest posts for free, but not everyone has an intuitive and fast interface, authors of good quality content and in addition, the possibility of earning some dollars online. I have found the network that has all these benefits : PostJoint. PostJoint helps...
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Guest Blogging: Build Your Author-Trust

Guest blogging is the most effective way to build high quality and relevant links for a website. It has been proven effective and definitely helps many websites increase their organic and referral visitors. But there are also other essential benefits that we can obtain from guest blogging, especially...
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I’ll Never Read Your Posts Again, You Know Why?

Erik offered a post in his blog and I truly appreciate this opportunity. As I was planning for this post, I shared the title in Facebook to asked my friend’s views in it. Nishant said, “It little looks arrogant. Some people will reply who cares “. Yes, not only the title but the post...
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Seven Blog Writing Tips for Newbies and Veterans

Every blogger should take care about the way they write online. This is especially true for new bloggers, who have the duty to get started with the right foot. Just think about the quality of communication you produce while you are writing. This post is dedicated to the newbies, but also to the veterans,...
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5 Easy Steps to Dominate Blogging

Blogging is such an awesome tool which can give you time and money freedom both. Blogging can take you to much higher level in your life if you are committed to do so. This is the biggest reason that many people are choosing blogging a full time career. People are exploring many untouched niche so that...
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How To Stop Worrying About Blogging Success And Actually Achieve It

Blogging has become a serious business. More and more bloggers are getting into the sphere and things look very healthy at surface. But if we take a deep look inside the so-called blogosphere, there are numerous (yes, numerous) bloggers who are struggling to make a single dollar with their blogs. Now,...
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How to Grow Your Audience by Narrowing Your Focus

Most businesses have multiple customer segments, so taking the advice to prototype a typical reader becomes a challenge. The problem is, trying to write content that would satisfy all these groups would only result in half hearted content created for the mass market. To have premium content, it must...
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Tips for Using Google Analytics Effectively

Google Analytics is the web metric software of choice for many small business websites. It is a tool which can be installed on your site for the purpose of showing what is happening. However, many business owners fail to make proper use of the data provided by analytics due to lack of resources or lack...
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How to Recognize a Perfect Guest Post – Tips to Get Your Content Approved

If you are into blogging for quite some time, then you definitely understand the potential of guest posting – if done in the right way. Deciding to spend part of your time creating content to publish in other blogs of your niche is simply one of the best promotional activities for you and your...
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8 Tips for Experienced Bloggers – How to Build a Better Blog

There are millions of blogs online and many new websites are created every day. But which suggestions may I give to those who are already experienced bloggers? Well, some tips that can be used to improve your own blog in any way. Let’s start from the heart of the matter : a proper communication...
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