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Tools and Resources to SuperCharge your Blog (and Make More Money!)

Happy New Year 2014! I hope you had a great start of the year. Like many of you, I have set up goals for the upcoming months. I think it’s very important to plan in your mind what you are going to accomplish in your next future, as this will help you realize it through all the steps. From...
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Using Effective Online Marketing Strategies to Boost Website Rankings

Nowadays, it is almost automatic to equate huge traffic to the effectiveness of your online marketing strategies. Simply put; the more traffic you have, the more effective your marketing strategies are. This belief is packed with plenty of truths. This is the main reason that most Internet marketing...
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Do you lack Creativity in your writing? Here’s what to do

Being creative is difficult, especially being creative on a daily basis is very difficult. As bloggers, we need to be creative; we can’t afford to write the same thing every time, we had to come up with unique creative ideas. Creativity is a god gifted talent, and not everyone has it. However,...
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9 Tested and Proven Tips To Becoming An Expert Proofreader

A lot of folks are suffering from a syndrome called “misconception’’. Perhaps they’ve been misled by the many eBooks that they’ve read telling them that proofreading is an “innate’’ ability. I beg to disagree with such concept because the reality is that, it is an acquired skill. Over...
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Why Aren’t You Taking Advantage Of YouTube?

A shocking amount of people still have yet to consider creating a YouTube channel for their business or website. Considering that it is said to be the world’s second largest search engine after Google and is owned by Google (whose attention we all so desperately sought after), it seems crazy to...
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How to Find Advertisers and Sell Banners on Your Blog – 7 Tips to Make Money Online

The monetization of your online efforts is one question that all bloggers have to face, sooner or later. You may decide to blog just for fun, in your spare time, of course for passion, but after months or years of hard work, you likely want to receive “something back”. One of the best...
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9 Must Have Plugins for Your Blog

When you have to choose which plugin to use, you must do it wisely, because in some cases – if your blog is hosted on a shared server plan - the resources that you can use are limited, and your account may be temporarily blocked if you do not follow the rules, staying within certain limits...
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How to Produce Great Video Content without Spending a Fortune

Video is becoming one of the leading forms of content in terms of driving organic traffic and conversions. Combine that with the accessibility of video through multiple devices and you are onto a winner if you do it right. A common misconception when it comes to video is that it will cost lots of...
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5 Good Reasons why I won’t Read your Blog

In order to excel in blogging, we need readers and without them, blogging is just a waste of time. Have you created time to check your analytics and study your bounce rate? The tips mentioned below is just one of the pinch of reasons why you have a high one and you can do some split testing to find...
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Keep Your Marketing Aim with BloggerScope – Useful Resource for Bloggers

One of the ways to stay updated in your field is to read a lot and follow the most popular sites in your niche. In this way, you will be able to find useful resources, read about news and discover trending topics to write about on your own blog. Then I am sure you are already following your favorite...
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7 Actionable Ways to reduce Your Blog Bounce Rate

What the heck is Bounce Rate? Bounce rate is simply the rate at which people/readers land on your blog and leave your blog. It can also be defined as the measure of time spent by people on your blog. The longer people stick around your blog, the lower your bounce rate and vice versa. I believe you...
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5 Link Building Tips for 2013

The span of the past year has seen many changes to the way SEO’s handle things. No longer is it simply a matter of building a large number of directory links as quickly as possible, but rather an entirely new metric will be at play. While the task of building your links will never be easy, especially...
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New SEO Tools for You in Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics

Have you visited your Google webmaster tools and analytics lately? Some things there have recently changed to help you with your blog or website’s SEO. As you read earlier here on this blog SEO helps customers come through your front door. One of the newer things in Google Webmaster tools I have...
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How To Turn A Small E-commerce Business Into A Big E-commerce Business

Almost every successful, large-scale e-commerce business starts out as a small enterprise.  Going from a small to big requires three fundamental things:- the desire to be big building a brand a plan that sets out measurable goals to achieve along the way   Do You Even Want Your Business to...
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The Path To Killer, Effective Writing

Writing and science are two completely different things: left brain and right brain, black and white, Jedi and Sith. When you think of the writer, you probably imagine a free spirit sitting at a desk with a half empty cup of coffee writing his heart out in the late hours of the night. Now, when you...
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Build New Connections and Get Targeted Traffic with DoSplash

When it comes to build connections and share useful content, experienced bloggers know the right way to go. DoSplash is the new community created by Jane Sheeba, where you can join bloggers like you to share knowledge, quality content and to build new relationships.   DoSplash : Just Another...
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Important Lessons for Freelance Writers

If you have made a career out of freelancing, you probably already know that it isn’t exactly the most secure route for a steady income. Add on the title of “writer” and you have an even bigger challenge in front of you, and perhaps have even encountered outright struggle at times. Being...
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Why You Royally Screw Up Online and How to Fix Your Failure

Inquiring Online Entrepreneur: “Ryan, how in the heck are you traveling the world for 2 and a half years and running? What do you do? How do you make money online?” Me: “I help  people.” I mean, I have lived in: Bali, Phuket, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka,...
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Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide To Make Yourself A Rock Star!

Even though there are many ways out there to grab the attention of others to your blog, Guest Blogging is the most effective way to showcase your skills and to impress people, converting them into your loyal readers. Guest Blogging when did the right way can gain you awesome results way beyond your...
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Increase Your Traffic and Social Media Exposure with JustRetweet

Traffic, traffic, traffic! Every webmaster needs always more! We all know how organic traffic is so unstable, so one of the most effective methods to build a base of users is via social media. Most bloggers with experience definitely use this tool, but for the few of you who do not know about it,...
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How to Make Your Blog Search Engine Friendly

Everybody is becoming internet marketer in one way or the other either by blogging, promoting affiliated products and all the like as internet is becoming the second largest society on the planet earth, and there are trying to make their blog search engine friendly in a wrong way for the sake gaining...
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How Sponsored Posts Can Ruin Your Blog Completely

No one can deny the fact that most of the bloggers including you and me are attracted to the sponsored posts. And if those posts are found to be very much similar to the content that is being produced on your blog then we tend to accept them. We don’t look after the things such as backlink that...
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