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FormGet : a Powerful Contact Form Generator (Even for Collecting Payments!)

Collecting data from your readers is really important for every webmaster, blogger or any other business owner. You can get feedbacks, or complaints, or you can even sell products using the right application. Also, you want to be able to use the same tool to build your email list, linking it to your...
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4 Awesome Free Tools to Increase Your Twitter Exposure + 7 Useful Tips

Twitter has already eight years and it keeps changing, introducing new features, trying to be always at the top of the social networks available. If you are a blogger or internet marketer, without any doubt you already have an account on Twitter, but the questions is : are you using this social...
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More FREE Blogging Goodies – Check These 7 Free SEO Tools

After the success of the post “11 Free Online Tools for Blogging and Social Media Marketing“, I decided to write another article about some other useful tools you may want to use as a blogger. You are going to like this list of free SEO tools. I’ll include a brief overview of the...
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11 Free Online Tools for Blogging and Social Media Marketing

There are many tools available online, which can let you track, monitor, automate or help you in any other way during your social media marketing campaign. May be you need to know the trends of the moment and you want an inspiring idea to create your next blog post or you want to manage one of your...
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A Must Have Tool for Every Blogger and Internet Marketer

So you want to make money online, uh? When you start blogging, you probably do it just for passion. But when you begin to invest your efforts in your blog, then you feel that receiving “something” back is the right thing. That “something” can be a monetary compensation for...
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10 Practical and Effective Tips to Increase Productivity

Maybe even now, while you are reading this post, you have multiple tabs open on the browser, some social media notifications that require your attention on your mobile phone, the TV in the background and if you think well about want you are going to eat tonight, you notice that you first have to...
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Klinkk : Improve Your Traffic, SEO and Connections

It’s been 3 months, since the day (October 16th 2013), I created Klinkk. It seems like few days ago! When you are busy, time flies! This morning, I finally opened my new company here (KIRE scarl), related to import business, and I will have many things to do, but I want to keep always some...
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Keep Your Marketing Aim with BloggerScope – Useful Resource for Bloggers

One of the ways to stay updated in your field is to read a lot and follow the most popular sites in your niche. In this way, you will be able to find useful resources, read about news and discover trending topics to write about on your own blog. Then I am sure you are already following your favorite...
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Increase Your Traffic and Social Media Exposure with JustRetweet

Traffic, traffic, traffic! Every webmaster needs always more! We all know how organic traffic is so unstable, so one of the most effective methods to build a base of users is via social media. Most bloggers with experience definitely use this tool, but for the few of you who do not know about it,...
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SEO PowerSuite : A Great 4 in 1 SEO Tool YOU Need to Check

Every webmaster knows how SEO is important in order to benefit from organic traffic, but they are also aware about how are countless the SEO notions to analyze and how there are numerous tools available on the market to check the various assessments. With SEO PowerSuite you can perform a lot of...
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Surefire Ways To Increase Page Views Using These 7 WP Plugins

Attracting visitors to any kind of blog is not as easy as it may seem. Traffic generation requires hell lot of hard work and patience. And, after putting your blood in bringing people to your blog, you cannot just sit back and let them go away after reading only one article. In other words, we can...
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Tips for Using Google Analytics Effectively

Google Analytics is the web metric software of choice for many small business websites. It is a tool which can be installed on your site for the purpose of showing what is happening. However, many business owners fail to make proper use of the data provided by analytics due to lack of resources or...
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5 Things To Consider When Choosing A Blogging Platform

One of the most important choices bloggers have to make is which blogging platform they will use. Since Blogger and WordPress are the best (are they?), you only have to choose between them. The blogging platform you choose determines your future as an influential voice on the internet. If you make...
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Market Samurai – Review of Great Tool for Online Marketers and SEO Specialists

Today I want to share with you some helpful information about one great tool which I use for almost 20 months. It’s Market Samurai. This tool should be used by every Online Marketer and SEO specialist. It helped me in SEO and my online work even more than Triberr helped me in my adventure with...
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How to Use #Triberr – Best #Social Network for #Bloggers?

After publishing a post „Social Network Sites – Which One is The Best for Traffic?” I got a lot of questions in comments and via emails about Triberr. People don’t know how to use this great tool (is it really only a tool or maybe it’s a social network?). I fully understand them because...
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5 Best SEO Tools for Bloggers – They Will Help You Get More Traffic For Your Blog

You are a Blogger (or site owner, marketing specialist or SEO specialist) and you need traffic on your site. But how you can do it? Are there any tips and tricks? Or maybe you should use tools, SEO tools for getting tons of traffic? Below I’ll describe you five SEO tools, which I use. Some of...
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Top 100 Websites For Bloggers

Each blogger use a lot of sources and tools. A lot of them  are available online. Below  is a list of Top 100 websites, which every blogger should know and use. I spent a lot of hours preparing this list, but some websites may be out of date. If you find such links, please leave a comment about...
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How to Find Keywords for Your Blog or Website

Today I want to show you, how you can find best keywords for your blog or website. I assume that you have your “niche”, so we’ll focus our attention only on keywords. And best keywords for me means that there is a lot of searches for the keyword, and competition with the keyword is not to high. There...
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