20 Important Things To Do After Installing WordPress

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The installation of WordPress is very simple and within minutes you can get a blog up and running. Once you have finished installing WordPress there are a number of measures that must be taken if you want to get the most from your website. Use the following list as points to follow for future installations or just to double check if there is something that you have not … [Read more...]

What You Need to Make Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

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We live in an era where smart phones and tablets are an integral part of our lives. Now there are more people browsing the internet on mobile to those using a desktop computer. There will be 2 billion of smart phone users by 2015, according to this study by eMarketer. And more than 80% of internet users will be from mobile. If you haven't done it yet, then you need to … [Read more...]

Use Webinars to Boost Your Sales and Leads

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As unique marketing opportunities, webinars are effective lead generation tactics in online business. Webinars simplify drip campaigns and conversions, especially when combined with effective database management. In the online world, where time is the greatest commodity, webinars are one of the best values for serious results. But you must be sure to choose the right … [Read more...]

Boost Your Affiliate Marketing with WP Product Review + Giveaway of Pro Version

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If you have been blogging for a while, then you understand the power of affiliate marketing as a method to generate income online. Basically you need to write some good content and then place targeted links of products or services you think your audience would be interested in. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's not. It's a bit more complicated. Making researches, … [Read more...]

How to Revive Your Old Posts with an Awesome Plugin + Giveaway of Pro Version

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As a blogger, you know how it's hard to create well researched and helpful articles for your readers. You spend hours in writing, editing, adding images and relevant resources and then you finally hit the "publish" button. You get visits from your post, but then, after few weeks or months, your content is archived, may be you even don't get any good traffic from search … [Read more...]

Cyfe : Your Multifunctional Dashboard With All-In-One Monitoring

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If you take blogging seriously, then I am sure you are managing multiple social media profiles, together with Google AdSense or AdWords accounts, Wordpress blogs, a mailing list with GetResponse or another service provider, your PayPal account, Google Webmasters and Analytics profiles, or any other tool you are using. You are probably spending a lot of hours during your … [Read more...]

CanIRank: New Tool to Uncover Highly Profitable Niches

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CanIRank is a newly-launched SEO tool designed to help you identify low-competition keywords, and grow your traffic with the least amount of link-building and SEO work necessary. CanIRank offers a number of useful features such as rank tracking, link building opportunities, on-page SEO suggestions, and a whole lot more which you can read about here. Using modern data … [Read more...]

InkThemes : Responsive, Easy to Use and Simple to Set Up WordPress Themes

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A lot of blogs are created each day over the internet and if you want to have a chance to reach success, your site needs to differentiate from the others. You do not have a second chance to make a great first impression, and a beautiful dress will help you a lot. The same principle is applied to a website :  you need good graphics! Of course the beauty of your blog … [Read more...]

MakeWebVideo : Online Video Maker – Marketing Video Production


If you have at least some experience in internet marketing, then you surely know that a catchy media is worth more than a thousand words. While images can attract your audience attention, a video may be able to convert much more. Just think for example at YouTube, it's the second largest search engine of the internet! So it's clear that marketing a product or service … [Read more...]

FormGet : a Powerful Contact Form Generator (Even for Collecting Payments!)

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Collecting data from your readers is really important for every webmaster, blogger or any other business owner. You can get feedbacks, or complaints, or you can even sell products using the right application. Also, you want to be able to use the same tool to build your email list, linking it to your favorite autoresponder service. In this article we are going to talk … [Read more...]

4 Awesome Free Tools to Increase Your Twitter Exposure + 7 Useful Tips

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Twitter has already eight years and it keeps changing, introducing new features, trying to be always at the top of the social networks available. If you are a blogger or internet marketer, without any doubt you already have an account on Twitter, but the questions is : are you using this social to its full potential? There are a number of free tools online that you can … [Read more...]

More FREE Blogging Goodies – Check These 7 Free SEO Tools

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After the success of the post "11 Free Online Tools for Blogging and Social Media Marketing", I decided to write another article about some other useful tools you may want to use as a blogger. You are going to like this list of free SEO tools. I'll include a brief overview of the capabilities of each tool (some of the tools are freemium), with images, links to the source … [Read more...]

11 Free Online Tools for Blogging and Social Media Marketing

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There are many tools available online, which can let you track, monitor, automate or help you in any other way during your social media marketing campaign. May be you need to know the trends of the moment and you want an inspiring idea to create your next blog post or you want to manage one of your social media account, automating some process that otherwise will take you a … [Read more...]

A Must Have Tool for Every Blogger and Internet Marketer

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So you want to make money online, uh? When you start blogging, you probably do it just for passion. But when you begin to invest your efforts in your blog, then you feel that receiving "something" back is the right thing. That "something" can be a monetary compensation for all your hard work. If you have some experience in blogging and internet marketing,then you … [Read more...]