Boost Your Affiliate Marketing with WP Product Review + Giveaway of Pro Version

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If you have been blogging for a while, then you understand the power of affiliate marketing as a method to generate income online. Basically you need to write some good content and then place targeted links of products or services you think your audience would be interested in. Sounds easy, right? Well, it's not. It's a bit more complicated. Making researches, … [Read more...]

Start Monetizing Your Blog with SeedingUp : Interview with Johannes

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Recently teliad (see article in our archive here), decided to rebrand to SeedingUp. In this interview we have Johannes Stoermer (Country Manager at SeedingUp), who is going to answer some important questions. He will explain the reasons of the rebranding move and the multiple benefits for bloggers who are going to register to SeedingUp, which will help monetize websites … [Read more...]

4-Step Plan You Need to Make $2,000/Month with High-Ticket Offers

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Stuck in your affiliate business? You’re feeling frustrated because people are not looking at your affiliate products, let alone buying them. I can relate to it because in 2013, I tried my hands on affiliate marketing but didn’t succeed. To be honest with you, I failed. The highest monthly income was in September of the same year when I earned $308.99. The months … [Read more...]

CanIRank: New Tool to Uncover Highly Profitable Niches

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CanIRank is a newly-launched SEO tool designed to help you identify low-competition keywords, and grow your traffic with the least amount of link-building and SEO work necessary. CanIRank offers a number of useful features such as rank tracking, link building opportunities, on-page SEO suggestions, and a whole lot more which you can read about here. Using modern data … [Read more...]

Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A Source of Income

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We have all heard stories of people earning a regular income via YouTube and some of us have also wondered if it is something that we could be doing too! The answer is quite simply – yes! While earning thousands of dollars is a little unrealistic, there is no reason why you cannot start off building up a modest income and grow from there, especially if you already have a … [Read more...]

Guest Crew Launches Social Features – Enjoy Now the Influential Marketing!

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Guest Crew is a new, but already pretty popular platform where to meet quality websites and excellent guest posts together. It was created in 2013 by Uttoran Sen, an experienced internet marketer who has been featured on popular sites like John Chow, Problogger, Kikolani and Copyblogger. As a guest blogger, you may use the platform to find publishers for your … [Read more...]

How to Create Landing Pages that Make Money

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An effective landing page is the strength of any online marketing campaign. It is therefore imperative to study and test it with the utmost care. Otherwise, potential customers will not perform the action for which the page was designed. But how do you create a landing page that can sell and make money? In other words, you want to maximize the conversion rate of … [Read more...]

How to Find Advertisers and Sell Banners on Your Blog – 7 Tips to Make Money Online

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The monetization of your online efforts is one question that all bloggers have to face, sooner or later. You may decide to blog just for fun, in your spare time, of course for passion, but after months or years of hard work, you likely want to receive "something back". One of the best way to earn money with your site is through selling banners. But you need to find the … [Read more...]

Why You Royally Screw Up Online and How to Fix Your Failure

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Inquiring Online Entrepreneur: "Ryan, how in the heck are you traveling the world for 2 and a half years and running? What do you do? How do you make money online?" Me: "I help  people." I mean, I have lived in: Bali, Phuket, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Peru and Costa Rica, and have visited Japan, Myanmar and El Salvador. The cool deal? I lived in … [Read more...]

PostJoint – Fast Guest Blogging and Opportunities to Make Easy Money Online

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There are many online networks where you can find guest posts for free, but not everyone has an intuitive and fast interface, authors of good quality content and in addition, the possibility of earning some dollars online. I have found the network that has all these benefits : PostJoint. PostJoint helps connecting webmasters and businesses, bloggers with advertisers. I … [Read more...]

Making Money Through Affiliate Marketing – Some Tips by the Experts

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According to recent reports, a staggeringly high amount of $2.3 billion as affiliate marketing fees were paid to a website owner. This figure confirms that affiliate marketing has become one of the biggest business opportunities as the start-up costs are so low and the income that you can generate from this option can also be mind-blowing. Affiliate marketing is having … [Read more...]