10 Free Online Tools to Monitor Your Social Media Influence

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While social media is becoming ever more decisive in terms of search engine positioning, branding, traffic and conversions, in the other hand, it needs to be monitored in order to check your online influence. First of all it is difficult to measure from a quantitative point of view, the level of interaction and conversation that occurs in real time. The benefits arising … [Read more...]

CanIRank: New Tool to Uncover Highly Profitable Niches

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CanIRank is a newly-launched SEO tool designed to help you identify low-competition keywords, and grow your traffic with the least amount of link-building and SEO work necessary. CanIRank offers a number of useful features such as rank tracking, link building opportunities, on-page SEO suggestions, and a whole lot more which you can read about here. Using modern data … [Read more...]

Does Your Website Design Suck? 5 Reasons to Change It!

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If the design of your website or your blog is not good enough, it is very likely that you are going to face one of the following two situations. First, if you are a brand or an SME, you are losing opportunities to do business. This is translated into potential customers running away from your site, because it does not give sufficient guarantees about your … [Read more...]

How to Use Twitter Cards to Improve Your Visibility and Social Media Audience

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Have you ever heard about Twitter Cards? No? Then you are missing a great opportunity to increase the effectiveness of your social media marketing. If you follow the steps mentioned in this post, you will be able to have Twitter Cards integrated in your Wordpress blog in less than 5 minutes.   What are the Benefits of Twitter Cards? Twitter Cards may help you … [Read more...]

BroadedNet : a New Way to Get Traffic Without SEO or Social Media

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Every blogger knows how valuable is the amount of traffic to his website. And how hard is to get organic visits! You need to write search engines friendly content, create a lot of backlinks (or better, get natural backlinks) and work a lot on on-page and off-page optimization. Even traffic from social media requires its part of the efforts. You need to be active in … [Read more...]

InkThemes : Responsive, Easy to Use and Simple to Set Up WordPress Themes

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A lot of blogs are created each day over the internet and if you want to have a chance to reach success, your site needs to differentiate from the others. You do not have a second chance to make a great first impression, and a beautiful dress will help you a lot. The same principle is applied to a website :  you need good graphics! Of course the beauty of your blog … [Read more...]

The Key Elements for Ensuring Optimum Conversion for Your Landing Pages


Unlike newspapers, which are traditionally mainly used to inform and entertain, landing / squeeze pages are intended to elicit action from users; they are meant to convert and do so aggressively. Though the aggression should not be directed to overwhelming the consumer but poured into being relevant and providing value. The reason landing pages are so popular is due … [Read more...]

How to Write an Effective Twitter Bio : 7 Essential Ingredients to Use

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Building a good reputation online is not an easy task: it requires constant work since every aspect, even the smallest, can have an enormous influence. For example, the biography of your Twitter profile: an abstract of only 140 characters, essential to get an idea of the user on the first shot. Whether you are a novice or a professional on social media, these are some … [Read more...]

8 Amazing Bloggers You Should Follow


I am sure you have your list of favorite bloggers to follow, but if you have the intention to stay online for a while, then you should keep visiting and reading others resources, in order to build new connections or simply learn something new. I've published a blog post like this last month, and it received a huge response in terms of social sharing, comments and … [Read more...]

MakeWebVideo : Online Video Maker – Marketing Video Production


If you have at least some experience in internet marketing, then you surely know that a catchy media is worth more than a thousand words. While images can attract your audience attention, a video may be able to convert much more. Just think for example at YouTube, it's the second largest search engine of the internet! So it's clear that marketing a product or service … [Read more...]

MyBlogU : a New Way to Create Epic Content, Be Promoted Online and Build New Connections

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So you created your first blog and you wrote some amazing articles. You feel proud of your content, and you know it's worth reading. But no one is visiting, nor commenting your posts. Also, you've just started your journey online, you don't have strong connections. You landed in the right place, then! I have the solution for you. In this post I am going to … [Read more...]

Turn Your YouTube Channel Into A Source of Income

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We have all heard stories of people earning a regular income via YouTube and some of us have also wondered if it is something that we could be doing too! The answer is quite simply – yes! While earning thousands of dollars is a little unrealistic, there is no reason why you cannot start off building up a modest income and grow from there, especially if you already have a … [Read more...]