Win 100$ in Cash and More – First Contest On NPI

Every blogger and site owner wants to engage readers. But how we can do it?

One of the best ways is to organize a contest, with valuable prizes.

So today I want to announce first contest on with some valuable prizes

The Big Winner will get prizes worth 162$ + 100$ in cash (payment via PayPal)

We have also 5 small prizes, each worth 92$

Contest - Win 100$ in Cash and More!

How to participate in it?

It’s very simple – you need to write great article on YOUR blog, with backlink to one article published on  You choose article from five (5) categories. Each week there is another category

If you are interested, please read further details:



We have great sponsors, and I want to thank them all.

Andy Bailey from CommentLuv:

1 Unlimited Version of CommentLuv Premium ($97/value)

5 Single licenses of CommentLuv Premium ($67/value each)



Chris Fong from JustRetweet

One prize 2 Weeks VIP + Website Featured + 500 credits daily ($65/value)

5 prizes: 5,500 credits + 5 days VIP Featured ($25/value each)

100$ in cash (payment via PayPal)


For people who aren’t familiar with CommentLuv or JustRetweet:

CommentLuv Premium is a great system for “comments management”. I’m using it on my blog – you can find it below every post.

JustRetweet helps to get retweets on Twitter and likes on Facebook. I’m also using it. I got a lot of tweets via JustRetweet.



There are 6 prizes –one BIG prize and 5 small prizes

Small Prizes

Every week there will be only one winner who will get the following prizes:

Single license of CommentLuv Premium (normally worth 67$)
JustRetweet: 5,500 credits + 5 days VIP Featured ($25/value)

Big Prize

After 5 weeks we (all sponsors) will choose The Big Winner who will get:
100$ in cash, payment via PayPal (sponsored by
1 Unlimited Version of CommentLuv Premium (normally worth 97$)
JustRetweet: 2 Weeks VIP + Website Featured + 500 credits daily ($65/value)


Rules of the Contest

0)      You don’t need to tweet it, like it or subscribe to our newsletter. But it will be appreciated.

1)      You must have your own blog or website

2)      You should write great post on your blog with backlink(s) to one article on

3)      We must know about your article. So please share the link to your article in comments below this post

4)      Contest will be run for 5 weeks. Every week I’ll choose one article which author will win small Prize.

5)      Choosing the weekly Winner I’ll consider following things:

  • Amount of comments, tweets, likes and other “social” signals on  your article
  • Quality of your article

6)     [Updated] You may link back to one article from following categories:

7)      Winner of the whole contest will be chosen by Andy, Chris and me from all submitted articles (not only from weekly winners!)

8)      Winner of Big Prize must have valid account on PayPal and accept money transfer

9)      There are no refunds for prizes. That means if you don’t want specific prize, you will not get money instead. But you can give it to your friend.

10)   If you have to pay tax in your country – you must pay it on your own

11)   After 22nd October I’ll publish a post with a list of all winners

12)   Information about weekly winners will be published on my FB page, Twitter, and via email list (you can subscribe to my email list below this link)

If you have any questions or doubts – please ask about it in comments below – it’s first contest on, so I may forgot about something.


Once more many thanks to our sponsors and good luck to you!

 Click here to check who is the winner!


  1. says

    Hi Chris……
    This is the best giveaway or I should say blogging contest I have seen in recent times.
    I loved it bro…
    I am participating in it.

    Here is my entry for this week.

    My article link is

    I have linked your one of famous article which compelled me to follow you :-)
    Sandeep Kumar recommend you to read:Top 2 SEO Tips shared by successful bloggersMy Profile

    • says

      Hi Guppu, thanks for stopping by. If you want to win, you must write a new article, but you have almost 5 weeks for it. Of course you can write more posts – you will get more chances to win 😉
      Good Luck!

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