First Contest on NPI Finished. Who is the Winner?

Dear readers, yesterday was the last day to submit posts in our contest (details you can find below this link), so today I want to announce the Winners.
First of all I want to thank all of the participants. You wrote a lot of helpful articles in this contest, and almost every post submitted to this contest was great. So we had a big problem to choose the winners.

Who is the Winner?

But before announcing the winners, I would like to recall some important things about prizes and sponsors:


We have great sponsors, and I want to thank them all once more.

Andy Bailey from CommentLuv:

1 Unlimited Version of CommentLuv Premium ($97/value)

5 Single licenses of CommentLuv Premium ($67/value each)


Chris Fong from JustRetweet

One prize 2 Weeks VIP + Website Featured + 500 credits daily ($65/value)

5 prizes: 5,500 credits + 5 days VIP Featured ($25/value each)

100$ in cash (payment via PayPal)


For people who aren’t familiar with CommentLuv or JustRetweet:

CommentLuv Premium is a great system for “comments management”. I’m using it on my blog – you can find it below every post.

JustRetweet helps to get retweets on Twitter and likes on Facebook. I’m also using it. I got a lot of tweets via JustRetweet.



There are 6 prizes –one BIG prize and 5 small prizes

Small Prizes

Every week there will be only one winner who will get the following prizes:

Single license of CommentLuv Premium (normally worth 67$)
JustRetweet: 5,500 credits + 5 days VIP Featured ($25/value)

Big Prize

After 5 weeks we (all sponsors) will choose The Big Winner who will get:
100$ in cash, payment via PayPal (sponsored by
1 Unlimited Version of CommentLuv Premium (normally worth 97$)
JustRetweet: 2 Weeks VIP + Website Featured + 500 credits daily ($65/value)


1st week Winner: Anup Kayastha with article: How I Sold Over 500+ Copies of My eBook In Just 3 Months

2nd week Winner: Ehsan Ullah with article: Pop-up Is One of The Most Annoying Thing, Isn’t It?

3rd week Winner: George Mathew with article: 99 failures later I made money online

4th week Winner: Erik Emanuelli with article: How My Alexa Rank Went from 100K to 29K in 2 Months. Case Study

5th week Winner: Arbaz Khan with article: 5 Unique Blogging Tips to Build a Better Blog

BIG Winner/Main Prize:

Sandeep Kumar with article: Top 2 SEO Tips shared by successful bloggers

Congratulations to all winners!

In order to take your prize, you must send me your names and emails. You must also register with JustRetweet and send me your Twitter username.

And I also want to thanks our sponsors and wish all participants good luck in the next contests.


  1. says

    To be true…. till today i have written more than 220 articles but when i got this news (through Ehsan bro)……I was in completely shock….
    I was speechless and no words to write anything.

    I am really thankful to god….

    A big Thanks to all the Winners

    A very big congratulation to Chris for such a wonderful contest and last but not the least a big thanks to all the sponsors…..

    I am really struggling in collecting words to write more about this moment…….

    Enjoying Winning Moment
    Sandeep Kumar recommend you to read:Tips to keep your reader busy in reading your postMy Profile

  2. Felicia says

    Hi Chris,
    I would like to congratulate all the winners of your contest, especially Sandeep for winning the big prize. And for all those who didn’t win, as usual, better luck next time and maybe try harder. The prizes are good and I wish I could join, sadly, I know I don’t have what it takes to match up with these guys.
    Felicia recommend you to read:Greg Raymer wins 3rd win on the 2012 Heartland Poker TourMy Profile

  3. Shailesh Tripathi says

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