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How to Write a Blog Post in a Short Time – 5 Points to Follow

What are the things you have to consider when you need to write a post with urgency? For example, what can you do if you need to publish an article on your blog within the same day, but you have many other things to do? Is there a guide to follow in order to create quality content for your blog in...
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Do you lack Creativity in your writing? Here’s what to do

Being creative is difficult, especially being creative on a daily basis is very difficult. As bloggers, we need to be creative; we can’t afford to write the same thing every time, we had to come up with unique creative ideas. Creativity is a god gifted talent, and not everyone has it. However,...

The Path To Killer, Effective Writing

Writing and science are two completely different things: left brain and right brain, black and white, Jedi and Sith. When you think of the writer, you probably imagine a free spirit sitting at a desk with a half empty cup of coffee writing his heart out in the late hours of the night. Now, when you...
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Ultimate Guest Blogging Guide To Make Yourself A Rock Star!

Even though there are many ways out there to grab the attention of others to your blog, Guest Blogging is the most effective way to showcase your skills and to impress people, converting them into your loyal readers. Guest Blogging when did the right way can gain you awesome results way beyond your...
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Staying Motivated as a Freelance Writer: 10 Actionable Tips

We’ve all been there: days when you just don’t want to work. Maybe it’s a really nice day and the idea of staring at your computer for another two hours has zero appeal, or perhaps you’re overworked and your brain is tired. Some days you just aren’t feeling it. Freelance writers everywhere...
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How to Write an Article – Writing Tips from a Professional Writer

If you went to school and received at least some basic kind of education, you will know how to write. But it is not that type of writing that I am discussing about in this post. Writing can be of various types, but when you intend to do it professionally you need to take care of certain facts and...
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I’ll Never Read Your Posts Again, You Know Why?

Erik offered a post in his blog and I truly appreciate this opportunity. As I was planning for this post, I shared the title in Facebook to asked my friend’s views in it. Nishant said, “It little looks arrogant. Some people will reply who cares “. Yes, not only the title but the...
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Seven Blog Writing Tips for Newbies and Veterans

Every blogger should take care about the way they write online. This is especially true for new bloggers, who have the duty to get started with the right foot. Just think about the quality of communication you produce while you are writing. This post is dedicated to the newbies, but also to the veterans,...
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How to Recognize a Perfect Guest Post – Tips to Get Your Content Approved

If you are into blogging for quite some time, then you definitely understand the potential of guest posting – if done in the right way. Deciding to spend part of your time creating content to publish in other blogs of your niche is simply one of the best promotional activities for you and your...
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How To Write a Great Text When You Have No Inspiration

Some people write wonderful texts in an inspired moment. Are you one of them? So you act like artists do. They lock themselves in their own world for some time, work very intensively without much thinking or planning and they create outstanding works. Such moments happen to every writer, but …...

7 Things You Should Avoid in Your Posts and Articles

Do you want to build up your image on the Internet as credible, reliable author? Below I’ll give you some features that can ruin your prestige if you include them constantly to your articles. So what should you avoid?   1. Errors and Mistakes Most bloggers are not English native speakers,...
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10 Crucial Tips How to Prepare Viral Post

Everyone wants to make killer content. Even if you don’t realize that you need it – for traffic, for social proof and for your own satisfaction. In this post I’ll not teach you that your post must be great, ready for social sharing, keyword optimized and helpful for readers. It’s a must (you...
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10 Blogging Tips For an Irresistible List Post

The articles divided into points, in other words the list posts, have a great success among readers in the blogosphere, because they are easy to read, they avoid unnecessary chatter and they are rich of information. Writing a list post, means to organize content in a structure that is particularly...
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How to Write in English – Mary’s Top 10 List of Common Spelling, Grammar and Punctuation Mistakes

These are what we call the “ouch” mistakes… the ones that make anyone with an editing background cringe or close the window or put down the book. These are the one that will lose you business, writing or blogging credibility. These are the ones that will sabotage even your best efforts to brand...
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How to Write a Powerful White Paper – 3 Easy Steps

Would you like to learn how to create a white paper? First of all – what is a white paper? We have a lot of definitions and meanings of this phrase, but in this article we will concentrate only on commercial white papers.  In simply words, it’s a comprehensive article about product or service,...
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How to Write an Article in Less Than One Hour – 10 Useful Tips

Okay, you want to learn how to become a great writer and write an article very quickly. I will show you these tips, but before revealing them, I want to clear up what kind of articles you may write in less than one hour. First of all, writing quickly doesn’t mean writing with poor quality. If you...
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Great Guest Post and another 9 Secrets of Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is one of the most important ways in building relationship with other bloggers. What’s more, it’s also a very good source of free traffic and content for your blog.   But why guest blogging is so popular?   Let’s go into some facts. Most of privately hold blogs, are...

How To Attract Your Blog Posts – 20 Tips For Normal People

Every blogger wants to have loyal readers. But how to change your first time visitors into devoted readers or even subscribers of your blog? I’ll tell you one secret – writing killer articles is not enough today.  It’s especially important these days – we have a lot of bloggers and tons...
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10 Article Writing Tips, How To Write Killer Article

So, you want to write an article or post, which will fall your competition into oblivion, right? Or, maybe you want to have a lot of viral backlinks to your post? It doesn’t matter, what’s your reason for doing it – if you want doing it, you have to write a killer article. Most of the bloggers...